Shakespeare On The Roof

By G David Schwartz


Alls well that ebbs well is only a forward monition to deuce accrue the life of a book bag of life.

Anthony is well read but he had been a communist, which is why he was reddish in the first used solace.

As you like it is how to will be done on the kitchen.

Comedy of errors arts the relish of the tune in your life. Crinolines is a misspelling of inked pages in a dawn eve.’

Hamlet is not a kosher play.

Henry comes in five, eight and many more letters

King Lear fell into loves labor lost, and Mac Beth was fat but measurer for measure he, in the midsummer, had many merry wives. But he called it all much to do about nothing. Othello and Pedicles talked with the Phoenix of Truth, and then went out to rape Lacunae.

Both Richard Two and Richard Three spoke of Romeo and his sonnets. Then he went taming the tempers with Titus of Amsterdam, and Timothy of barracuda city Mexico.

On the Twelfth Night Troilus and Casino (forgive the pun) met two gentlemen names Venus and Adonis in the middle of a winter’s tale.


A bigot is a kind if human ram, with a good deal of wool over his eyes but no horns -- Josh Billings

I never seen a bigot yet bur who had a small and apparently blameless head. But I haven’t seen all the bigots you know.

– Josh Billings again, pg119,

In Amerces Phunniest Phello, Ed by James E. Myers (Springfield, Ill, Lincoln Heron Press, 1986).

I remember the advise (Or was it the adage) of the watch. He sat down near a bubbling brook babbling baroque bon mots and attempting to hear the very voice of nature. But the birds that flew overhead and perched over trees were to land. He delved deep in his own soul - - that hollow part of his eye where his impediments of hope were stored, and moaning out a placating calls for nature’s response. When it did not seem to have arrived, he ducked behind a tree and took a heaping healthy shit.

In Loves Labor Lost, the character ”Biron” obviously a misspelling of and/ or for ´”Byron ” happened since Shakespeare would not attach Byron in so open a manner, it seems clear that here he has patronized Swift.

Some things are important such as:

1, serge and a setting of the story, tale and or organized words in a manner, which tell a tale.

2. A trekking thought a telling of the intents of the author.

3. A trekking of the words he asks as if against the authored burry’s, and

4. A taking, telling and trekking of the very opposite story.

Pardon me if an am in a hump:

Make out that what you will

Grind your teeth on that one.

Okay, O.K. all right now it is time to tell, and as long as I plan to tell I might as well tell you the benefits of Shakespearean stories.


Not to be confused with the salad sauce, nor confabulated with a name of an actor in a local high school play.

Since last we spoke, something has happed. Now you might or may remember or not or un-knot remember what it was but anyway, it happened. I note it for you and shall not speak about it again. I am glad it is over and never think about it anymore.

Then ---

Text analyses solely in terms of X (a mathematical symbol, which can stand for absolutely anything.

When we went to Chicago several years ago, there were little people in convection at the hotel at which we stayed, I am forever indebted to these very fine people for the certain kindness they evidenced my, eldest daughter, Sara, and have been frequent reminded not to call them midgets, dwarfs, giants in reverse, or freaks. While I am one who feels that parody and stature are fit only to those things you love, or would love to change. I do not believe little people ought to be even vaguely insulted so thought I admire them for the kindness they showed my daughter, I refrain from parading them, and only take this opportunity to thank those who gave this gift to Sara.

They are big-hearted people and that is all that matte to my thought. We now move on to the other subjects this section is being dedicated to the little people with large hearts.

I do not know how it is with other folks, but with me, the fall of the Roman Empire is a great deal easier to bear than a fall on ice (Maybe Billings, pg 73)

In # (i.e. number) 435, chance and mood govern the world – LaRochefoucauld

Take it with a grain of silt.

I can see plenty of reversals.

This cannot be so. It might see one reason or twelve might see twelve reasons, or after a bit of discussion or a bit of drink, one might see twelve reasons – but these are particular and dimmest number, and plenty is neuter,

His study of the English languishes: Simianantics.


You don’t believe me? You who tell your children to chew their eggs properly or else why will hatch and crackle for worms in your stomach? You who tell your children monsters life in the cooking room underinsure the fluky shopping mall. You’re charred youth children into buzzards who can come off land and loud if attractions by the noise?

“The count is way off.

“ I tried to add in my headstand of using a calculation ma cube and that is an excuse.

No, no, no. No it isn’t I made a mistake and I promise never to use my head ever again,”

“Ok, for that I will barrel out a poem for you.”

In the trees clothe night of osmium

The loath women sang to get the rain.

Nubile in the carnelian straights’

I dose Madonna Leftcheek out on checks.

But if life is just the pony

I suggest you go to the joint

Ask the cimices whereas they will shone

And then beg back some wine

Should I agree with your upwind? I do and just shut up, or should kuph in the wind? I gave you my expectations and also my reasons.

“I think at thus point hast the firmer.

“Trust is a risky great system: I call the office to get chewed out, I save you the time and exert of calling me”

“Which is to your database sieve I am probably not as angry as I would be if I had called you and been put on held for earthen minutes.”

“That is one interpretation - one which is certainly the correct opine, and then there is my interpretation”: the random ransom oppress calling you in a prepossess with whom radium results are made real. But in any event, I screwed up. I am sorry! I apologize. I promise I will flagellate myself later today.”

“I want more than that. I want cut writers I mean cut wrists.”

:”Long ways or short ways?”

“Lash ways!”

“Last ways?”

“And I promise not to get any blood on the carpet”

“That was going to be my next instruction.”

“My, test is a cut wrist business,”

“This is really a routable story. Lets move on…”

There is a story of the transformation from the third dimension to the 4^th ; which is the study of the strand of memory.

This is just what happened when insight and perception return at the beet sea time to the higher stage of animal reflection.

What animal the woman in the red convertible wanted to know, will arise.

Very few animals rise.

I called him out of jail and lectured him on Shakespeare, but the idea that the need to periodically stop and take stock means that one ought to assess in cage, not to relieve the retail establishment of their inventory.

One thing I did was wake up. Averting everything is one good way to her it were you want to get. But everything else I did simply allowed in the logical manner that was not a sanitary message to the dream marker.

Reading is life. You have begun a book with a chapter (Andrew Wasrgare notes that you really begun with the cover) not knowing how it will end. If you dud you might just close the book.

Huxley said half a dozen monkeys with typewriters would produce, given an infinite amount to time, all the eternal books in the British library. But I have an objection (I hear my wife say I always have an objection, and, my children say you yourself are objectionable); I achieve the courage to continue writing because I assume none of Huxley’s monkeys refer to me. Louis Carroll, or Lewis Corral, by way of refutation, pointed out that; language is limited. If so, however, the number of their possible combination is also limited. This is more than a disagreement about the reality disreality, and/or unreality of eternity. This is, in fact, a reason to create more limited words. This production would both prevent literature which monkeys must produce, i.e. limit their yearbook work, and in visualize lemmatization exteternding exuberantly in and thought potable words.

(Each time I say works in this diatribe I may mean words. There is very little difference between “k” and “D’” unless you are spelling Date or Kaasmihjggrtf.

n Now if I fall and kill myself you are really going to feel guilty, and

n Yes, I would, and you have convinced me not to read the newspaper for the next week, so I won’t know about it.

END: a ka finial, aka finis aka point of stooping {[Aka stands, and sits, for Always Kosher Anything, implying anything necessary, but the addition of the word necessary makes it seem as if you could put anything down.

HYN (i.e. have you noticed that it is difficult to type words with the same ménage is and when they are spelled differently?

I dedicate nine lines on Hannah or twelve’s thought I had caught a glimpse of Hannah on the street. Ruth is delicious but I am taking about her. She is a shirt dissertation of realism.


Now for the continuation

A three act play analyzing a chapter a person about:

a) Sheep

b) Trying to remember a song out loud.

c) An in insect.

At hand it is the end, a hypothesized reader is called to guess the riddle.

:”Oh, I see you are giving up. Your eyes roll in your head. What is that you say? “Bausch=, humm, bug?” You are absolutely correct.

I’ll let most readies in on the joke; for there has to be a joke else everything is, or becomes so serious. So here is the joke. Okay, every one listens except for the one who is reading. You! Don’t listen. That way you can be a podium actor in around and of, the joke,”

Prime reactor is what w e call the butt of the joke.

I have searched in vain, thousands of time through out the text A1 –Le, and in my veniality firm of vanity I have found what else, passkeys the greatest phrase in the literately and, non-litany, as well as the not-lottery literary words. Neither in the weather vaccine nor in my closet where I nascent found their otherwise Shakespearean words: Just does it.

The last word in and of volume notes and of Valium one. I have invited any of those adventures, may God (NOT) strike me…

A telegram, way too, long, complained about the work on Shakespeare in my own plotted romance of words in action. I have heard seen, have thought about, and have invited no time to yachting marina or wash dishes or even write. It is like I have been given a painting in which I see mariachis characteristics and it is just about the time I simile fall in like with it, that I have been given the utensil with which I shall deliver the painting – but why write what needed no circuiting nor any rehearsal? Why, if it is not to show off cleverness.

Told it was 25 senses a word I sent it to Department May 5^th arriving May 5^th in a departure of thing and that with a so on and so what. He lashed out with his shrift on the barrio floor and his next in a slingshot. When he sunk everything he had into the matt lace of eerily labeling excrement uniforms.

He interbred an unclearly powered laser tacitly hologram picture dehisce gush civil disobedience could act as decides which is placed Bethune any frame. The coercion of the sector in the maze of dynamics ate bean spirits and sands a stupid, silly song. True foursome of tight ducts was tourney and thought to emit simian messages into the computer system of the system where the excellent rest was cloaked guitars thwart it is nary to stress ashtrays, silverware, linen and soap, bed shirts, pillows, end tubes, lung capacity’s, collagen, fish, college book, bowling balls, gulf clubs (I mean the wood and metal sticks, not the large building behind which there are both presoaked people and uncloaked holes in the ground.

The purpose of the devise was to emit subliminal massages, which could be programmed into the computer system of the accelerator. The original idea was to compel guests not to steal ashtrays, soberer bad type long list of like. But the net result was to have the guests huddling in the corned debating with undeceive inanimate objects by such (and by which) such evacuation as “No, I will not,” or “Up Yours.” is thrown put the mule reserved for and from the other political art, integer out to another city.’

Not extemporizing no interpretation younger men who bead or think with a cloven crusade on the way to and thought a misunderstanding made by true undoubtedly truly cloves hoof.

For a while he had a circulation with an employment-selling worms to fisherman, but I was a book writer so I thought they were asking for words. One day, quite by chance, by the gracing of the accident, and the brightness with the monocle sigh the furthered defused it would be best to their advantage to stop buying words and simply but fish which =, having befit to do that third very day, related funfest fir redbuds to be all suet with the prays danced in tide roved.

He bread glow in the dark bumbles bees. Also, he wept out to goad in the furthest tree away from the knife mice in the wing raid of life.

Surety, wager did you come from?

He bread grows in the dark bumbles bees. Also, he went out to glow in the ditheist tree sway firm the life mice in the wings read of life.

Where is the Sunday mooring wastewater days you climb from?

The wind blows where is lisped.

# *(I.e. page) 439) LaRochefoucauld in some book of whit and mimicry he has the challenge to say, “We should scarcely long for so much if we knew exactly what we wanted.

It cannot be a sin to make a good saying out of the words, which are used, be almost everyone.

He bread grows in the dark bumbles bees. Also, he went out to grow in the furthest tree away from the knife mice in the wing raid of life.

What a few thousand he had left, he inversed in a haberdashery, borrowing more than he eventually made during the week he was out of business, far he had always heard his father say that the bested most honorable form of busyness was to give the people their kinetic worth. The only way he knew to do thus was to measure the contumacy from mans pitch from the fuse fabrics from the world had o offer – inciting the manmade cotton and natural nylons – spend days indeed in outside artistry and the present circumstance shrike the present armistice gave a cameleer garnet acing work their win expends dependency. Occasionally, depending on inflation, he kicked in the pants a few extra centrifuges to arrive that the customer obtained then at least icons of value.

He invented a hollow optical encasement which contained that why’ve mercury (insert name here) and a [mirror of understanding which folk into overacting and seven outer access’s which end in “aging” revealed the temperature. The glasses were wildly successful, but so disturbing that disturbance was added twice to the Rand McNally Compact Dictionary (Which was later out up in official print to be a type of too).

The nerve of she wearied said on very hot days they had not anarchistic and exotic inclining but drive their cars off of beiges. (All the way down they were trying figure out how and why the word denoting getting something away from the top of something else [off] was a word which was, is and always will be one which (is, was and always will be) a demotion

I am curious why does demolition fall so close to devotion in the dictionary and secretions why, when and how does is fall so close to devotion. Does it suggest either the demolition of devotion or that someone is devotion is a form of demolition. It would be better for all if one word was either changed to or just issued to be meaning the other was not that which meaning was purposeful to use.

Cars drive off of bridges, into trees onto things just walking across the road, and in general behave as robins in the last stages of mortification abundant delirium on cold days when, where why and wagon were lethargic and did not drive.

Every form of convergences can take you back from where you came with the single exception of a parachute.

Here everything is given a name because its name belongs to it and it belongs to its name such as that it by its name we know it.

You might have said that moiré simply.

And so I shall. A trance is antigun outrages… or in better words, a triangle is called a triangle, a circle is called a circle, and it simpler an it simpler, a hemoglobin a hemoglobin, sealing wax is sealing wax, and people named Ora are called Ora. But when people try to be, get, or are (notice the conflagration between Ora and or are. That is just a circumstance. But it still seems good, wonderful and/or obeyed to talk abject because little fungus needier talk about the colorful of what we use language to call words.

If a stitch in time saves nine, why doesn’t a smudge in time save nine? In fact, a smudge is a funny thing to work with. If it is places, put, or simmered on a young boy there will be no time saved because more time will be spent doing that which parents do not want the little boy to be doing

Please place truth on the plate so erectable can eat in luxurious time.

She (I am not sure who this she is, but since she is mentioned I will talk about her as I must according to the writers, producers and directors of this piece of paper you are either holding in your hands or have seated on the desk or table before you or some other lactic, I mean inversing way of holding, setting, or foliating the paper before you.

She (the same she in and from the above (Ahh, call it whatever you will), SHE slid down the hill and upon reading the bottom, I said, “Now turn around and look at your derriere.” But for all her tuning she both could not, would not, and did not see a thing.

*** Finally she saw me.

She spoke intelligently and bankruptcy: “What if the scientists are wrong? What if the Hubble telescope is working and that is what things really look like out there.

Oh that is a question is not it?? Well then I will try again:

She spoke intelligently and bankruptcy: “What if the scientists are wrong? What if the Hubble telescope is working and that is what things really look like out there?

Tell the truth, don’t you find these statements as radium as they are, or may be, or intend to be, intelligent?

If not, how and why did you read all the way down to this point?

Don’t bothered answering right question, I want hears you anyway. It is not because I have bad ears! It is because my ears have awful hearing.

Did you ever have one if … I mean of, those moments when the universe cleared a large ravage area in your head?

Ask you to change, I saw you later went I went to drip a penny in the term machine in eider to make a wish that we, you are I and anyone else you care to have with us. The penny could not swim so it sank to the bottom of the pool. I stood there for so long I was bath wishing and hoping enough pinched would be drooped than the expanse would change (get it, “change) the pool into a lake.

“God is mightier than the mightiest and kinder than the kindest which you are not - - (Michelle said to Dan 6-7-92).

A few days before leaving for a month at camp in the wilderness of South - East Indiana urban, my eldest daughter called me to her room to dispatch the monstrous and burdensome, triune torture news which laded ritually on the woven path into her room. While there we talked of many irenic things – her long range goals, what she wanted elated to do and with what there was to either have or gibe away with the monkey she received from and with the help of what was the matter with and for the character of the bad news bears coloring instinct that she misting out of the box and every other subject which might be implied in a serried of bold and hearty “: eeeeeeekkks.”

The word (if it is a word eeeeeeekkks sets off this story: “Are” these new years” “No!” “Then how come these are dean ?”

I promise I doubt and still dint understand the conversation but I pottery it is the form of tannic pottery as undesired poetry, Just to strake the explanting which, may be due to you if you desire it.

Tuna and tuba have something in common; dinosaurs never eat both.

This and that just should sound like conversations in our house. I surprise that it is why the word starts with a Con and is followed be a versa and ends with the tion which, may be either the word for a phrase such as “A convict was very happy at his drooling with the sensation.

Dan said to his mother: -- get another husband.

My wife asked – what would I do with another husband?

Dan answered you play with him until he grows up, then you, may give him up and get another young one.

- I didn’t know your dad when he was still a baby.

Then why did you call him Dave?”


For real, doesn’t this cheaper want to make you go read all about king John?

(C)opyright 2008 G David Schwartz All Rights Reserved

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