The Winner

By Matthew Anish

Deep inside the depths of our reality lies the key. If doesn't matter whether or not you like it. What matters is that the shadows have secrets we have to contend with. Our daily lives spin out before us like a top whirling on a tabel. We know it must end eventually but we enjoy the movement while it lasts. Spinning, spinning - with the result always the same. Well, if you want to see more of this - stay tuned.

She mused that," I don't want this to end. It is high time we did something about it. But what can we do? We're trapped in the web - a web a spider has produced. We must move with the flow. We might not like it but that's how it is."

Enjoy, enjoy. That is the motto of some people. I think that hedonism is a flimsy response to eternity. As she ponders infinity she becomes a true part of the galaxy. "I feel I'm melting away" she intones. But she needn't worry for long. There are lights at the end of the known. What do these lights mean?(if anything). The universe is more mysterious than we can comprehend. Yet it draws us on and on. The depths of the starry sky have a powerful attraction for us. We are standing here on our blue orb for now.

I just read that 35 nations have sent human beings into space. What do you think of that? The lights are dying away now in the city. The dream goes on and on. A "checkerboard of nights and days" as Kwayam put it. We'll wait with her until the end. Or is it a beginning we are waiting for? The last part of our lives is often a time of pain and regret. She knows this so she is taking action now. She doesn't wnat grass to grow under her bare feet. She thinks that, I must move along the path now. There is no time to lose." She walks gingerly on the cold ground. The "checkerboard" is something she - and everyone else she meets must paint to their own taste. Deifferent colors for different moods. Blue for joy, red for anger, aqua for sleep. One thousand dawns will pass like a leaf in a strong wind. She'll have to adjust. She is making a step into the unknown. Won't you join her?

Finally, there is the question of originality. There are many traps along the way which can only be dealt with by " thinking outside the box". She realizes this and begins to dance on thin ice. "Step lively, woman" You don't want to hurt yourself". She pirouettes while the clock continues to move

(C)opyright 2008 Matthew Anish All Rights Reserved

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