Walking on Sharp Stones

By Jerry Vilhotti

"Look! Remember I said - Andre One Eye - a tongue has no bones but it can break bones on strnge roads!" Johnny's father said; referring to his son Johnny's godfather who had been at best a compromise during the Great Depression when many were dying of hunger. Since Andre had his own plumbing business and married to a native New Yorker, Francy, while still married to the mother of his three little girls he was called throughout the East Bronx the "Big-a-mist.

"You're so full of chit - it's not even funny! You couldn't tell anyone right from wrong because you couldn't tell which was fucking which! The Nazis burned books but this country that my sons forced me to come to - burns minds! You're all a bunch of mean-hearted, mean-spirited constipated sons of bitches because all your bullchit lies have been flushed away to Dante's ninth circle! And wait till your greed catches up to the power-money whores the last Depression is going to look like a kindergarten outing when the greater Depression in the future happens! Your one-eyed bastard left a white widow back in my town of stairs so stop being stupid and ignorant at the same time!" his mother-in-law while trying to get his stomach to move toward a vomit by eating her food with open mouth making the food become ugly debris churning in dirty waters.

The eighty-one year old had used her most shrillist voice that could go through nerves and come out like a sharp shaft through a bone which is why he often said a tongue though boneless could break bones.

The mother-in-law was forced to live summers with them by her sons, Deo whom she named after Mozart, and Sensio the three finger man who lost his fingers during the war to end all wars or so the munitions makers told the gullible who went to die for Great, Greater Depressions, who sobbingly insisted they needed rest from her tormenting nasty ways.

This very same woman had refused to give her daughter consent to marry "the big prick" slightly resembling the great Valentino - who she insisted could not nor would resist jumping deeply into the smiles of all women - and did so only after their third daughter was born.

She would visit in a place called Burywater, made up of many people from the province of Malevento that became Benevento that Romans thought the new name would rid the area of the evil eye and witches that had made them run afraid from their throwing of stones upon their mighty fearless legions who were stronger by learning lessons from past bullies who knew if they had superior weaponry made those with only fists and farts to run from their courage, with them from June to September and then go back to the city, that harbored the lady with a torch and her feet bound with chains the gift giving French thought a great joke knowing the great talkers had never allowed a democracy nor a republic to become replaying the founding fathers concept of plutocracy to lead the beer-drinking people to give up their children as sacrificial lambs for the greatest country ever invented in the dark caves of imagination and Kate Smith singing out of opened windows from all the boroughs about God blessing, to have her fun - making men cry.

It was Johnny's father who gave her the name "Mamasu"; telling all his five children it was an affectionate term for Grandmother; leaving unsaid, the word meant "her fucking nasty bastard walking on stones with bare feet mother". It was one of the mightiest insults he could shape from a stressed out mind. He avoided having to look at her face with a mouth that harbored two teeth and a tongue the size of picks and a shovel he had swung during his days working for the Work Project Authority while trying to feed mouths, and a wife who always tormented about his going with other women of whom some were figments of her imagination. Only one had the courage to come to their apartment door asking permission from his wife, two years before his favorite child Johnny Savior was born, to allow him to go out for just a little "fucking" while.

Her son-in-law stuffed a whole large piece of bread into his mouth to stop him from saying words that would begin another week of revolutions that had engulfed Europe in Eighteen Forty eight when starving people tried to overthrow all the monarchies living in splendor and eating cake, meats and ungearmed greens.

Feeling the tenseness permeating the silence that was lasting for three minutes or so with the clashes of forks with long teeth like extensions against dishes once filled, Johnny decided, what with sharp things becoming unfettered with no stabbing of foods, to leave the table to double dribble his pink rubber ball from the kitchen to outside.

He wished he were still in The East Bronx where he once had to survive big trucks and buses being driven by guys who tried to avoid bodies of young children swimming in waters flowing from a johnny pump. END 10-10-08

(C)opyright 2008 Jerry Vilhotti All Rights Reserved

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