"Before the Savior Coming"

By Jerry Vilhotti

"So this is the number our family will be forever," the father said sobbingly at their late Sunday breakfast having been told by his wife that the doctor told her no more babies would be forthcoming from her after the miscarriage. A heaping dish of crullers stood dangerously close to his running nose. Tommy Tom Tom had tried to touch them to germs before shouting at the top of his lungs several times that he had not washed his hands after going to the bathroom but slaps on Tom's head by rheumatic diagnosed Leny One N. prevented this but the one Tom had captured before his shout, he gorged down in two gulps and then more defenses were erected against him with glaring eyes from all seated at the table.

"Why did it die, Papa?" four year old Tommy, with a brace embracing his leg that had been attacked by polio three years before, asked; relieved he was still going to be "the baby of the family".

"It was not strong enough to hold on," the mother said; placing a finger on each word; hoping this would end the discussion.

The father closed his eyes tightly and prayed silently that it had not been his deep penetration the night before that had dislodged the baby's grip.

"Hold on what?" five year old Leny said as he envisioned Tarzan and Cheetah flying on vines inside his mother's stomach.

The father blushed for he didn't know exactly either. He only knew it was in somewhere near an area which could give him so much pleasure that forced him to go deeply into the smiles of women who saw in his facial features a poor man's Rudolph Valentino

"Oh Mama another will come to us from God," ten year old Alice in Wonderland, who just the night before had told her mother to throw the bum out since he was only going to continue drowning in other women and make her mind fall out of her eyes like it did the night she hemorrhaged Tom out of her after seeing him naked entwined with some naked women, said.

"Look can't we just forget about the whole fucking thing?" thirteen year old Tina of the Troy suggested. She was really glad the birth had not happened, for she reasoned in a mind that had the whole universe revolving around it, that being the eldest would have assured the fact that the burden of minding the thing while the mother was making gloves for five fingers would have landed on her which would have prevented her from going out with her many "boy friends" of whom one after getting out of reform school would go on to become a world middleweight champion and another who would become the "Sure sure" actor who reminded the movie audience that everyone died in the movie "Body and Soul"

"Yes, let's drop it," the mother said; not getting upset over the curse word since it was not said in her first language so not having the imagery of the word copulating all over her mind. Seldom did she ever agree with this Tina born out of wedlock; blaming her for that while always on the alert to stand between her and her father to block from his view Tina's coquettish smiles.

A thunder blast accompanied by lightening emanating from a dark cloud inside eyes were his wife's penetrating words.

"What are you doing? That's your flesh and blood! What are you doing animal - visitor of sheep pens? Farmer that you should have been while eating tomatoes!"

Tina laughed at her mother's joke.

He peed out of his nose and defecated from his mouth as he stammered looking as awkward as the fearless American Mohawk Indian had when falling from the thirtieth floor from the building, where King Kong died attempting to save mankind from its inner weapons of self-destruction, while working just forty feet away from him that very day when the sky was overcast.

"What? What? The body falling from the sky? That was only a damn accident! Accidents happen you know!"

The thunder and lightening continued forcing him to slam his glass to the floor to shatter into many pieces that became clouds resembling phallic-shaped icebergs.

He was holding onto one resembling a little girl named Tina, beginning to show breasts with a "behind" that was taking on a sensuous shape, who took a seat way high up onto his lap. She squirmed delicately; moving back and forth as she reached for real or imaginary objects. He laughed trying very hard to convince himself his daughter was only two years old but all at once she was the girl he had touched at supper. A Tina who was bestowed with the reputation of being the "knockout" of the whole huge area once known, when Poe married to his sister-cousin roamed the area trying to rid himself of the demons tormenting him, as Fordham Village. Then of a sudden, she became older than he and without thinking he grabbed her ass as she at the very same time was touching him; holding him in both her hands; moving them like an elevator climbing to the sky. He wrestled the girl-woman gently and lovingly to the concrete slab that was glowing inside a deep purple heat the size of a large red-purple flame. The father always awoke from this recurring dream before he landed onto Thirty-fourth Street ....

He threw the empty bottle of wine to the floor creating more icebergs before leaving to go for a few drinks down at the bar next to the house that Ruth built; deciding he would spend a few days with the pretty bar hostess and go to work from her place to live in the sky of copulating clouds once again ....

Johnny the last born would come among them on a crash landing out of the mother's thirty-nine year old body in three years.. His middle name would be Salvatore.

(C)opyright 2007 Jerry Vilhotti All Rights Reserved

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