Deep Purple Haze

By Jerry Vilhotti

Almost all the Greek gods thought that Elysium was not located in the Underworld but on Gaea's earth in such playing pastures called " Youse Bums", "Aolean Winds" , "Where Polo Horses Frolicked", "Ruth's House", Black Sox Stadium, Goat Field and "The Green Monster" where Zeus found his beloved Bambino, whose favorite song was "Deep Purple" which he sang to the many prostitutes he was Zeusing in all the eight towns in the junior circuit, only to have him sold away for a Broadway play entitled "Moodanda Nanette" that so angered the great god, beaner of his father Kronus, that he put a curse on the Beantowners - not allowing them to win another World Serious for many years in this thing stolen from mortals who once dyed their bodies blue.

"So tell me Prometheus, liver-pecked one, this writer, who is depicting us watching this thing below our feet - stolen from those strange people who once dyed their bodies blue - and for the first time is going for the Bloodsox, what does he mean when he says: ' Most everyone will accept a lie as a truth if given half-truths so fooling all the people all the time if done a bit at a time'?"

"Depends, Your Penetrater One and Beaver Hunter, on how you define dumb? Einstein said: 'two things are infinite the universe and humanity's stupidity and I'm not sure about the universe'. It's like the notion that all American Blacks have rhythm and all American Italians can carry a tune so melodious their voices are and so like the mustache guy whom many patriots thought was the answer to solve humans' denial urge devastating much of the world like being a part of your soup said make sure your lie is so big that people would say that's got to be true because it's so unbelievable. His disciples Shrub, Kinky and V.P. Grumpy and the blue blood guy who has his nose up Shrubs ass do it all the time. If one calls great crimes against humanity and says it's good and has countless ways to justify it - will not that lie become truth? For instance, if one steals land from a people and calls them just stupid heathen scalpers and leaves out the fact he taught them to scalp and to boot gave them small-pox laden blankets as gifts for them to die in and then begins the process of ridiculing them in cartoon fashion and then makes them menacing creatures at the ready to rape all his roving-eyed women and then lastly renders them as a totally disgusting thing - he has successfully dismissed them from the human race! Look at that one head cave dweller having his third limb carrier who is supposed to be the best limbswinger in the club-mortal lineup has him bunt instead of going for a big scoring round!"

While the god who gave humanity fire was speaking two other gods betting against each other almost drove a pitcher insane after he fashioned a sack on whack and after awhile found himself on third sack - unaccustomed to such unknown territory - was attacked in each ear with one god telling him to go when the earthchewer was sculpted as the other god was shouting that he should stay put and hug the rye sack; so confused the mound mortal was that he kept going back and forth until mercifully a pellet-holder tagged him for a getout which prevented a possible avalanche of pentagon dents to happen; beginning the end of the bird's comeback flight.

It was then - since Zeus acquiesced and allowed the incident to happen - all the Greek gods watching from their mountain perch knew that the hex "Babe's Curse" the omnipotent one had placed on the Beantowners was finally done away with and the green monster mortals would win a World Serious that was alluding them since Zeus's great Babe had been with them many many years before. Now the poor fanatics who loved pain could do a sigh of relief. Their tall shadows had fallen.

END 6-5-07

(C)opyright 2007 Jerry Vilhotti All Rights Reserved

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