By Richard H. Williams

This true/false quiz measures knowledge of Vincent Van Gogh’s personal life and his artistic work

1. Van Gogh cut off his right ear. (true/false)

2. The event that angered Van Gogh and led him to cut off his ear was a quarrel with Paul Gauguin. (true/false)

3. Van Gogh’s initial efforts in Art were in drawing and watercolors. (true/false)

4. Van Gogh used poison to kill himself. (true/false)

5. In his artistic work Van Gogh favored yellow. (true/false)

6. At one time Van Gogh worked as a preacher. (true/false)

7. Most of Vincent’s best-known works were accomplished during the last two years of his life. (true/false)

8. Van Gogh learned to paint by taking lessons. (true/false)

9. Van Gogh’s brother, Theo, was selfish and never helped him. (true/false)

10. Van Gogh had a domestic relationship with an alcoholic prostitute named Sien. (true/false)

11. Sien drowned herself in the river. (true/false)

12. A woman who really loved Vincent was Margot. (true/false)

13. Vincent and Margot didn’t they get married because their families were opposed. (true/false)

14. Margot tried to kill herself with strychnine. (true/false)

15. Van Gogh is considered to be a cubist. (true/false)

16. Before Vincent cut off his ear, he was stalking Paul Gauguin with a razor. (true/false)

17. Toulouse Lautrec did a pastal drawing of Van Gogh. (true/false)

18. Camillo Pisarro recommended Dr. Cauchet to Van Gogh. (true/false)

20. Over 150 psychiatrists have analyzed Van Gogh’s mental illness and its affect on his art. (true/false)

21. Van Gogh is considered to be the greatest Dutch painter since Rembrandt. (true/false)

22. Ruben Van Gogh was a Netherlands poet. (true/false)

23. At the age of 20 Vincent was already earning more than his father. (true/false)

24. In June of 1883 Vincent Van Gogh spent three weeks in the hospital suffering from gonorrhoea. (true/false)

25. In the summer of 1883 he began to paint in pastal. (true/false)

26. Vincent smoked heavily and drank absinthe heavily. (true/false)


Key to Van Gogh Quiz

1. false 2. true 3. true 4. false 5. true 6.true 7. true 8. false

9. false 10. true 11. true 12. true 13. true 14. true 15. false

16. true 17. true 18. true 19. true 20. true 21. true 22. true

23. true 24. false 25. true


(C)opyright 2007 Richard H. Williams All Rights Reserved

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