After the Carnage

By Matthew Anish

Twisted metal lies rusting in the sun. We're walking amidst the items left behind by industrial civilization. Only our own heartbeat tells us that we haven't yet merged into this bleak landscape.

Amidst the old T.V.'s, wire hangers and old tools we are suddenly taken aback. In the midst of all this sad rubbish a small flowering plant is growing!

The flower stands in stark contrast to the pile of civilization's abandoned goods. The ground beneath the flower obviously has enough nutrients to support this flower and allow it to grow. It's truly a wondrous thing!

Simply by watching this flower I am taken to another world. The 21st century is rolled away and I'm back in a more peaceful time. My eyes soon see only the flower. The shape of it's stem - the petals - the bright burst of color - all this I see with my tired eyes.

What music? What words can describe this flower? It must be some kind of gift from the beyond! It's something which is growing tall and strong in this harsh land. What progress - what hopes does this flower represent?

Golden flower - I beseech you - fill our days with beauty. Your petals bring light into our darkness. All we have to do is to breath in your exotic perfume and we escape from the wreckage that time and man's folly has left for us.

Golden flower! You stand tall and straight. The sun brings you joy and you share that joy with us. Water from the sky brings you renewed life.

Golden flower! You touch us very deeply. Years of worry and pain melt away when we gaze upon your lovely form. Only a small plant yet it has the power to transform.

The harsh winds will soon blow over the scrapeyard. The flower will soon be buffeted by the elements. Yet it stands out - a bit of yellow in the midst of iron and steel. So take heart - life continues in the "Brave New World". The power to the earth itself is mighty. It will pull the flower(and ourselves) through the swift fierce years. It always has. So dry your tears.

(C)opyright 2007 Matthew Anish All Rights Reserved

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