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As Christmas & Another New Year Grow Near

By Ria Steele

As morning here rolls around and I find it is Friday; realizing it is the 22nd of just seems impossible another Christmas is standing to knock upon our doors. Once more another year 2006 has blown by like the winds on a open prairie and carried 365 days with them into the sands of time and eternity. As usual I spent too many of those days fussy over not having enough time to do things, being to tired, to much in pain, feeling overwhelmed between our own stuff, Mom's stuff and web work stuff, wanting to have a break for Jim and I yet never having quite enough money to do that once the bills were paid. It's been a year of many victories, and yet a year of many learning experiences some of which good, some not so good. Sometimes we come to realize things about one another or about ourselves that are not really want we thought or wanted to know existed within us, but they do, and often it comes out when we least expect it to. Thus we along we everyone around us are totally shocked, in horror, confused, and then the work begins figuring out the "why's", "How's" and what to do's with it all. It is a journey most of us take.... a journey where you usually run over rocks, stones, and your feet are cut and bleeding, your heart is pounding almost out of your chest, your mind is in total chaos, you cannot cry another year, or think another thought, you just want to wake up from the nightmare of what has changed you or made you all of a sudden act a certain way out of the blue clear sky, and wake up and make it the hell go away!!!!

Holiday time can be especially a difficult time for many of us. We love the holiday spirit, per se...but all of the running around, the crowded stores, the gift buying for people we don't know what to get them, the perfect tree, decorations, realizing everything is about your budget, cleaning your house till it sparkles for relatives, kids out of school messing up your clean house, relatives arriving, putting together the perfect Christmas dinner, dishes, leftovers, wrapping presents, then all of the mess of unwrapping them, pine needles in the carpet for months, the taking back of what was not right, did not fit, and so forth in another long line, and spending a few more days getting your house back to whatever "normal" might have been. Then you discover you ate too much, your clothes are tight, too much fudge, your face has broken out, so now a few extra pounds to take off in the works, and working to get your face back clean and clear.

Of course then there are the New Year's resolutions, we all have made them, most of us have broken them more than once...yet traditionally we make them each be on a diet, to be more kind, to quit smoking, to eat healthier, to take more time for ourselves, to read more, to spend more time with family, to learn a new skill, and the list goes on of all of the resolutions we make. It is always a brand new year and we feel a new resolution gives us a brand new start for that moment the year begins. By January 2nd, life is just life and resolutions go by the wayside so we can pay bills, get kids ready for school, run errands, and do all of the million things life demands of us in a given week.

Holidays are joyous also. They are magical, a time of reflection of family, friends, of the spirit of giving and a moment of down time in which we spend being thankful for those that love and care about us. The trees decorated, the beautiful lights, people dressed up in wonderful holiday clothes, and the laughter of children when they open their gifts...all make Christmas a special and magical time of year. It is a time of sharing, remembering, and making memories that etch into the soul, to be brought out later as time marches on.

It is also a reflection on those who we have lost before us, often their memories are with us during the holidays, we remember all of the great times when a Father who may have passed away, was there and as a child, all of those child hood memories come forth bringing a wonderful long story we play as a film in our minds...We are lucky that be able to recall such incredible memories and they roll forward just like film to replay when we please.

This time of the year is about Peace, Comfort, Compassion, Giving, and most of all LOVE!!!

The gift of Love from the heart and the most precious and priceless gift anyone can give to someone...if someone gives you their unconditional heart and soul love...hold it precious, special, gentle, and keep is always near...for it is truly dear and priceless and never can truly be replaced.

Happy Holidays.... with my honor, respect, and friendship...


copyright 2007, Ria Steele

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