Broken Clock

By Matthew Anish

As we danced by the river joy overcame us. The rushing waters filledthe air with sound as they flowed swiftly over the rocks. We were feelingdifferent that afternoon - different than we have ever felt. Watching theyoung women dance barefoot on the shore woke emotions which I can't evendescribe. The closest I can get is to say that a kind of "natural ecstasy"had taken over. The summer wind was blowing everyone's hair around but noone seemed to care. The sweet smell of flowers delighted us as we ambledidly by the water.

Do we deserve such joy? Perhaps it is the wrong question. Perhaps"natural ecstasy" is what we should feel all the time. The clock seemed tohave broken. This revelry may continue forever! Once the boundaries of timeare overcome the life force know what to say. Birds flew lazily overheadas we danced. In the stream a silvery fish leaped up out of the water. Now we know what to expect. Our souls are now connected to the all.

Earlier on(it seems like ages ago) we were tired and bored with ourlives. We faced an uncertain future. But now - now! The mainspring of theclock must be in disrepair. A feeling of being "outside of time" wasawakened in us. Let's watch the waters flow by. We are no longer afraid of time!

Time - the great deceiver seemed to have written our fate. But in aninstant the chains were broken . It seems that the angels have something ontheir minds which they would like to explain in this unending moment. Itmust be something supernatural. Will this joy end? We don't have to askthat question. Once we have seen the reality beyond the known we can takedelight where we find it.

A brilliant shaft of light cut through the clouds like a now our forms cast shadows on the ground. Which are real - the shadows or ourselves? Wellif if you feel inclined to ask what we are now I can only tell you that weare part of the "one". And the one does not decay. We need to ask nofurther questions and there is only one answer. The situation is self explanatory.

As the waters move towards the sea so do we move towards towards the"all." We are bound up in something greater than ourselves. We'll try tooffer solace to any who feel broken by the weight of time's heavy hand. Wehave left that reality behind and it seems that others may be able to joinus. The light from the sky provides us with all we need. They are stilldancing down by the river. Does anyone care to join them? Don't fret abouttime. It's just a river to fish in.

(C)opyright 2006 Matthew Anish All Rights Reserved

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