By Ria Steele

There is an array of madness; that lingers with the full moon's glow. Up on high, from a distance there is a faint call, and she gazes into the aura of one soul...the one that never gives in, nor gives way to the elements that succumb the both of them. Where passion lies, and victory waits, is the black hole where they both know, nothing else matters. She in her velvet and lace...and he in all of his charm the two together, blazing with flames hotter than the sun's surface, and clearer than a full moon on a cloudless night. There are no questions, only answers within where the two lie. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...a quote we have seen for years, we know it is true...but do we live, as if there is no tomorrow? Some of us have had life changing experiences, that cause a dramatic new way we look at and life our lives. I read a piece about New Years Resolutions this morning that a dear friend sent to me. As I read it, the words resonated in my soul. We all make those resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, and so forth. We all set and think about what we have or if we are successful. But, those are truly things that in the end will never have any consequence, when we move from this world, as we know it into a new aura above and beyond worldly items. I never wanted someone to think of me, as what I have, who I know, how I dress, what car I drive, or how wonderful my home is. I wonder how much I have given, instead of taken from others, have I been honest, and sincere...not prideful. Have I gave laughter, peace and grace here, and not caused havoc. Have I been faithful to friends, and have I taught more, instead of just learned? If tomorrow never comes for me, I would hope others would think of me, as kind, giving, compassionate, honest and sincere. For material things are nothing, when we move to the other side of eternity. Cars, homes, clothes, and money are things we see a necessary here, yet they just will not mean one thing after we take one last breath. It is the love in your heart, what you have given to those who come in your path. I question, have I been humble, have I brought to those who come my way, everything I could give to them, whether it be through the written word, or a smile. In our "humanness" we all want to be "noticed", but in the end, what will those that know me, say...that is what is most important. I bid you a wondrous 2005. My New Years "resolution" is to be more compassionate, and have more patience. I want to be kinder, and more of a giver and teacher, than a taker. I ask for humbleness, and the faith that I live to be even greater. For someday, when I am no longer in this realm of existence, I want those around me to see what is most important, and view what was in my heart and soul, not what I wore.

Rhia Steele

(C)opyright 2006 Ria Steele All Rights Reserved

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