Night by Night

By Ria Steele

She falls for him again, night by night. then day by day. Then in each moment, falling into the victim of forces beyond her comprehension, love is the beckoning call. Alas, part mortal. and beyond that moreover, goddess, he seeks her attention...then night-by-night, she attends his call. She shall run over stones, and down into the black ink darkness of the heed his warning. Yet, the void, comes around and once again she is thrown down within the hurdles of a vacuum, forces within her nature, and those she has no control over, yet others tend to walk away, and yet love her again. Feeding upon her own enigma, lost in a snow dream, she becomes overwhelmed in the raging, silence, of the midnight hours. He walks in once more, and to avoid the noise of his own mind, allows her to reach within him, and quiet the tornadic activity that comes too often, when they are apart. Quietly surrounded by the moon and stars, she reaches further into the sanctum and quantum consciousness that envelops her in a rapture of beauty that not many can see, yet many more do feel. She reaps the harvest of a full moon, and sees the mists climb upon the rocky shores, of the seas, that calm her ravenous awakenings. Looking into the portals of her mind state, he can tell, she is not of this Earth...but spaces in between.. good and evil, sensual and erotic, passion and compassion. He longs to know her further, delving into her very soul, yet the barricades for her are not to be penetrated be a mere mortal. She unwinds like the velveteen and satin that surrounds her. Ribbons and nets of white lace, embellish her aura. As the call, of what is foreseen unfolds, she takes over, a hallowed cry into the night, pitch black, and dark, with only a small twinkling of light, that is suspended by a tiny thread, at the end of a long path. Running over the mountains, and then into the valleys, he runs after her, ever seeking what she brought to him in the beginning, yet left him in the end. Haunting his daydreams, and a visions of her in his night streams, he cannot rest until she is in his presence once again. Longing for her touch, her chest torn open, in the past, when she bled to feel his love and conviction. Is she a perfection of love, or some type of sweet addition? Ahhhh, only those who truly know her in their dream state, know her as a sweet addiction. Then love, comes with infinite conviction.



Copyright 2006 Ria Steele

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