Falling Into A State Of Grace

By Ria Steele

I am often a witness to the spaces in between. I am a fortress of love, a dreamer of dreams. If put on a pedestal, too often I fall. In a state of grace, I heed to your call. I am a night bird, and walk over stones. I hear things unheard, and anywhere is my home. I see your face, and take your hand. I leave my blood stained footprints in the brilliant white sand. I abide in a fiery walk of this life. To leave behind pain, and leave all the strive. Yet, often it creeps in, just like a ghost. I never quite realize whom I matter to most. I live my life, like a blowing wind. I spring forth in gale force, suddenly to subside once again. I stand on high, then 6 feet I fall. I crawl up the fortress, to feel it all. I look for the rainbow on a raining day. I live for the sun, to feel the warmth of the rays. I sing in the rain, I sing in the light. I leave a stain, on those who view me with sight. If you know me, then you know from the soul. Love is my fortune, not diamonds nor gold. I leave a mark, a tattooed impression. Upon those I touch, I send a new direction. I am mere mortal, yet a goddess of love. My future foretold, from a star stream above. Good and evil pulse through my veins. If I render my passion, in your soul I remain. A victim of love, a believer of passion. I am a dichotomy, with no reason, rhyme or fashion. I prefer harmony, and life with pure peace. In the black ink darkness, even then love does not cease. I blow in your life, to leave a everlasting mark. If you heed this night birds call, upon a snow dream you embark. If I seem a conundrum, ah 'tis true I've been told. Love is not for the meek, but only for the bold. Allow me to take you, into a world 'tis not seen. Where you live in a rapture, you live in this deluged dream.

Rhia Steele 06/07/2006

And the words flow, and I have been granted inspiration once again... to pour upon these pages my heart's work; within and without... I am a witness to the spaces in between...dark and light, love and eroticism, pain and joy, rapture and immortal, grace and wisdom...and I stand...then kneel...and I am humbled that words flow this day.... allow yourself to become as one.... and see others in a different light! Look within yourself and others and know.... you are standing in the fires... you also may feel the rapturous glow.... that is felt but not seen, known but not heard. may you dance....

Copyright 2006 Ria Steele

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