By Gary Grenier

Speaking of legal and social justice.

The next story appears to be an invasion of privacy. But listening in on the Private conversations of two long time police officers, both detectives, allows us to invade their thoughts, get insight about their community involvement, and their personal and professional ethics.

Not everything is going smoothly for these long time criminologists, but it is apparent that their personal hindrances and handicaps in no way interferes with the form of justice and community safety enforcement that these men Stand for. A zero crime tolerance is the only acceptable rate for these enforcement officers! What a lofty and Wonderful Goal!!

Knowing your streets and neighborhoods are safe is a comforting thing, but it does not always guarantee you will have a warm and fuzzy feeling. Especially after reading "Just Another Day Of Law Enforcement."


"If this traffic does not clear a little, we are going to be late"

"We'll make it, have a little faith Terry"

"I suppose a couple of minutes either way will not be the end of the world" Said Detective Terry Johnson. "But I wanted to finish up here in time to pick up Kathy from Girl Scouts. Believe it or not Doug, she gets her 12th merit badge today, she's one proud little girl."

"She should be, she seems to have the same drive and dedication as your lovely wife. Now there is a tornado on wheels. Peg gets more done in a day than most people accomplish in a month."

"Yea, Peg is a superstar, but Kathy has her own special drive, willpower, and determination; I am very proud of her. It looks like little Terry is going to be just as bull-headed when it comes to doing the right thing."

"What, he's in Second grade and he's bull-headed already?" asked Doug.

"Yea, get this. Peg gets called to the Chester School and she is told that Terry might be expelled for fighting. She walks in the office and Terry is sitting with his arms crossed on his chest, looking ready to take on the world.

"She has to fight back a smile and then asks Terry if he didn't know better than to fight in school? Terry does not answer, but Peg sees a tear running down his cheek.

"The Principal says that there were a number of witnesses to the fist-fight and under the strict school fighting policy, he has little choice but to enforce the mandatory one-week expulsion.

"Its quiet for a few seconds, and then Terry says 'I don't have any witnesses to Butch taking my lunch money everyday for the last two weeks. I didn't even mind it that much cause I know his folks aren't working and money is hard to come by, but when I told Butch he couldn't take my lunch money today because it was promised for the Red Feather Fund, he just laughed and still tried to take the money away from me. He ain't laughing now"

"I guess Butch had told some of his buddies that he had been ripping off Terry and the Principal was able to get a couple of them to talk. Peg jumped up and kissed Terry in front of everybody when they let Terry go with a warning."

"Not many kids have those kinds of principles?" Said Doug.

"You know, I think there are a lot more good kids than we tend to acknowledge. We hear about the bad apples, but the other ninety-eight percent just keep plugging along, doing what's right, obeying the rules, and setting good examples themselves.

"Look at your Billy, nobody made him go into that burning building, you talk about a Hero. A twenty-two year old mother and her three kids have a life because of Billy. With his burns and disfigurement, he could have grabbed his disability from the Fire Department and coasted, but no, he's doing inspections now. Using a cane to get up and down the tenement floors to enforce fire and building codes and make the landlords stay up on the repairs and fire ordinances."

"Yeah," said Doug "and he's not even bitter. He wishes he could still be a firefighter, but he knows he is making a difference with this job too!

They drove in silence for a while, in the manner long-time partners do. A great amount of communication going on, without either of them speaking.

"Seeing that church reminds me, if we have time, I need to stop by St. Paul's today and make my annual donation to the All Faiths Fund, OK?" said Terry.

"I mailed mine in, but I need to talk to Father Fred about the Youth Council pledges, or I should say, lack of them" Chuckled Doug.

"Oh Doug, a little birdie tells me your up for another commendation." Silence.

The traffic was easing up a bit and Terry and Doug were making up some time. They both sat and thought about their lives and how lucky they were with their kids, and the wonderful wives they had been blessed with.

"How long should this one take?" asked Terry.

"Three of these guys are bad players, but I really don't see any problems. There is little doubt that we will get their attention, so stay on your toes. These guys have laughed in the face of Justice too many times. It's time to correct that. It's just a matter of timing, did you bring everything?"

"Signed, sealed and about to be delivered" Said a smiling Terry, tapping an attaché case.

Luck was on their side, they parked directly in front of the Gem Lounge, Doug straightened his tie and Terry adjusted his gloves. Walking up to the front, Doug nodded to an older gentleman passerby, and opened the Bar door for Terry.

It was dark in the lounge, the back table had five or six older men around it, and the long mahogany bar was nearly empty. Terry placed his attaché case on the corner of the bar, while Doug ordered a shot and a beer. Terry slid two quarters into the jukebox and asked the bartender to turn the volume up.

The bartender delivered the drinks in time to see Doug toss the drink down and slip on a pair of calf skin gloves. You could see the bartenders mind working, 'it's July; gloves?"

The bartender backed up a step just as a perfect red hole emerged in the center of his forehead. Doug spun and fired two more silenced shots, one each into the ear of both of the people sitting at the bar.

At that same time, Terry was spraying the back table with 7.62mm hollow points. The place was full of cordite smoke. Doug walked back and fired one clean head shot in each of the men lying around the table.

Doug sauntered back to the bar, poured another shot of vodka, and tossed it back. Both men looked around, wiped off the area with a bar rag, and then casually placed their weapons and gloves in the attaché case. Terry drank half of his beer, smashing the mug into the back mirror. In less than a minute they were both back outside, at the ready, patrolling the streets and fighting for truth and Justice.

Copyright © 2006 Gary Grenier

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