Literary snapshot: "Soul Dying"

By Jerry Vilhotti

"What I'm saying boy is that Johnny was a good enough fella for a white boy and he really liked you but where he went to live, they don't cotton our kind. Those folks go to church twice on Christmas Day and put holes in their Savior the rest of the days of the year with their lies about other human beings living on the same earth as they and some even have altars in their cellars but no matter how much religion they get they'll always have dark shadows of hate covering their hearts and souls and they want to run away from their skins while praying for the day when The Good Lord does Her or His apocalypse on their heads giving them their death wish and they'll hate Johnny almost as much as they do themselves so boy don't die in your soul like they do. Hear me boy? Johnny is gone! He's gone another road!"

Roy walked away and began to sing that refrain he had heard often, about catching a person by the toe that the kids from the Saint Anthony school would sing like a hymn when black speckled with a bit of white and white with a speck of black would flow out from the two schools to converge on Golgotha Hill Road to go on their way home, and somehow he knew he would for the rest of his life but when Johnny was with him the words never hurt as much as they were hurting him now. END 4-21-06

Copyright 2006 Jerry Vilhotti

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