Literary snapshot: "Go Away!"

By Jerry Vilhotti

Do you suppose Cousin Agatha would allow us to visit her up on The Row, Mother?" their son said pointing a gnarled finger at the ceiling..

"No, I'm afraid she's going to give all of Cousin Edward's money to the church," his father said breaking a slice of bread into half with his old slow dancing fingers as he jutted out his neck.

"But Father, everyone knows that religion has failed with all its blatant hypocrisy saying words made up by writers making much up including mistakes of pass copiers that all those words came from our God's Mouth. We can not even attend their church on The Row! And I know the Symptom family and their Skull and Bone belief that America must go to war at least once every generation which cleans away the soil clinging to the riffraff's shorts which makes the whole nation including all those who believe their Bibles will be taken away by unpatriotic types who challenge that notion; not realizing that weaknesses and shortcomings will be wiped away in one grand burst of military fervor - which I concur with for how will they achieve their magnificent Fourth World Order that is coming as sure as Armageddon is on its way to kill off those unbelievers among us"

Percival's father and mother who had given up all their savings to put him through Cornell and his sister Daisy to go to Paris to further her art did not understand a word he was saying; wishing he would drop such dangerous talk, take his wife who was dying of the "vapors", their two sons at summer camp which they would be forced to pay for, get another position after the Brandywine chemical corporation had dismissed him since they thought he might create another explosion that had made their river run red for days with "riffraff" blood.

"Ain't it the truth?" was all his father could say while looking at his wife who was hunching her shoulders forward in place of words not forthcoming. END 3-21-06

Copyright 2006 Jerry Vilhotti

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