Faith and Flight

By Vanessa Kristovich

What do you believe?

Do you believe that there will never be an end to the troubles of the world, the wars, diseases, and other rumblings of our times? Do you believe that evil will ultimately prevail? Do you feel that good things are impossible?

If so, then I have a story for you!

When I was a child of about eight years old, I had this insatiable desire to fly. Not in a plane, no. I wanted to sprout wings!

I wanted it so bad that, when no one was looking, I would flap my arms like a bird and try to take off. And, on windy days I would go outside, spread out my arms, and run into the wind with the hope that it would carry me up to the sky.

I wanted to fly so bad that the desire was becoming painful. It was almost as if my soul could remember running with angels before it became bound to earth. To make matters worse, I became enthralled by the TV Show, The Flying Nun, and was extremely envious of sister Bertrille.

I began to pray fervently for God to grant my wish. Every day from morning to bedtime, if my mind was free to pray, I prayed with all my heart:

"Please, God, please let me fly. Please Mother Mary, ask Jesus to let me fly just once. Please, angels, lift me on your back just once. Just let me borrow your wings, just for a few minutes. Please!"

The prayer was endless.

I have two sisters close to me in age. Back then, we were very competitive, and many of the games we played centered around some athletic contest. One of the many games we enjoyed was a jumping contest. We would stand at the end of a hallway that lead to the bedrooms in our house and see who could jump the farthest. The hallway was about 15 or 20 feet long, and none of us could jump more than about a third of the way, and even that was on a better day.

But one day, many weeks after I began to pray for flight, we decided to play our jumping game. When my turn came, I made my usual effort. However, it felt as if someone grabbed me under the arms and flew me through the air to the other end of the hallway.

I said I landed all the way at the other end! This was no small distance for me, who usually landed less than three feet from where I stood. To me, this was the answer to my prayer. My desire to fly was satisfied.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the lesson that I learned that day was this:

No matter how bad things are, or how impossible they seem, There are always possibilities, and most of them will happen Eventually if we have the patience to wait, believe, and pray.

I hope you can remember that when times are tough for you. And I hope you can believe it when you need to believe it. But one thing you can believe for sure, and that is that I will be praying for you everyday.

Copyright 2005 Vanessa Kristovich

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