"Deluged Dream State"

By Rhia Steele

Out of the canyons and crevasses of my mind, come elements of my dream state. They pour forth like a volcano, spewing from my soul. Words that paint upon the canvas of the star stream that I fly into and unto, a brisk and distant journey, timeless, ageless, and into infinity.

Come in and experience my Deluged Dream State!

Open your mind and allow my words to filtrate through your veins, pulsating with each beat of your heart. Fly upon this star stream where I dwell and reign, throughout the nets of white lace that surround me, as vast as the clouds above and through this Universe, and the ones far above our own planetary evolution. I speak from places within, of love and pain, of sacrifice and sanctity, where enrichment of heart always shall prevail. Reach out! and grasp the portals of my soul and forevermore you shall be touched. These "mere" words shall ring within your mind's eye, until the midnight hour and beyond, for power dwells from the depths of my mind. A journey of this pale shadow of a woman, yet transformed as a Welsh fairy, into a bright goddess, walking a path of destiny, where the pure essence of a fearless heart, always stands upon a foundation of granite and gold.

Witness this illusion of reality......

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