"Turning Your Whole World Around"

By Rhia Steele

She arrives, gliding across the open seas, and she turns your whole world around. You continue wondering, if you can possibly feel all that she feels, and knowing in her heart, that you are everything. You have cut through all the mysteries and haze,leaving this world behind, to hold onto to all of the mountaintops you shall climb. Standing open, naked and raw, to expose her soul to you, praying to God and Goddess that in your blue eyes, you also shall reveal the love that is in yourheart.

Sometimes you have looked into forever, in her eyes, and never really realized why blindness had been there for so long, because for the first time, when you truly look beyond her eyes, within her very soul, you know love exists; then you comprehend what true love is. You wake up, wondering how strange a love like this can be, as it had stood right in front of you; now in the depths of your heart she reigns. She had been in your dreams for so very long, yet you could never reach out and touch her, yet she has stepped into your reality; alas it is everything and so much more than you ever expected in a lifetime. She is a breath of spring fresh air, and the stars in the sky bring a brighter glow on a summer's night. If you stand quietly, you can listen to the love of her heart ringing throughout the night.

She is swept away by the deepest of emotion, an ebb and flow of souls. With a union and unison, knowing a love this profound only comes once in a lifetime. She lingers like honey, off of every word that comes from your lips. Her face lights up, when you enter the room. Love prevails, within and without, beyond any shadow of a doubt, and neither of you can imagine a day without one another. It happened in the blink of an eye, one moment two strangers; the next pain swept away, then both opening up to the anticipation that this is what dreams of love are made from.

She knew when she fell in love with you; her heart was in good hands, and that you would surround her in nothing but a blessed happiness, from this moment into eternity. 'Tis everything you ever imagined. You must always take the chance, the fall is freedom, and she was so ready to love you just as she drifted into your life, like a shadow; in a breath's space, forevermore, turning your whole world around. She would bleed to love you, lay down her life for you, this is what unity of hearts is all about, cutting through the doubt, and past pain, to allow love to reign.

Too often we ten to save our "pennies" for a rainy day. We miss out on what is right in front of our faces, always thinking someone or something else is going to come along, and be "bigger, better, and more". Yet when we cannot see what is standing right in front of our faces, we miss out on just the one thing we truly wanted and more than ever needed in our lives. I ask myself today, have I changed? Of course, we all change, from time to time, or we would stand as stagnant. Yet, I look at have I changed for the better? Yes, inside and out much of who I am remains, but I have grown in wisdom from life. I've learned to cast away much of the pre- disposition that I must be all things to everyone. I have come to accept who I am, and live with my own "humanness", as difficult is that is for me at times. I shall always live in the spaces in between, light and shadow, black and white, dawn and eve, in a shade of gray. There are times I question, if I have just become "complacent"? I tend to feel that I am not complacent, but more mellow, where most things in life are just not as important, not worth the worry they cause. I always have been one to throw caution to the wind, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Never afraid of the fall, always knowing the pain that followed, would always be a growing point for me, and then I would re-cooperate from the pain, and I would fall once more, only to know someday, I would find the one person that would remain a partner for life.

I linger in the realms of where my heart lies, never ending in the places of love, and life. An enigma, of sorts, passing through your life, like a hurricane, blowing in quickly, with profound force, then in the center of the calm; you know, the other side shall be just as full of energy. Explicit in nature; I am driven by things unseen, only felt in the soul. Just as the shadows that haunt you, I am always there, in the back of your mind. Engrained and etched into your aura, thoughts of Rhia, prevail. Whether it be; lust, love, eroticism, passion, compassion, or trust, it follows you, just as a night-bird calling out in the midnight sanctity of the black ink darkness in your own mind's eye. I am "Bella Donna", like a drug, entering the vein. Powerful, yet gentle, provocative and alluring, and you drink in the fruits with a ravenous thirst. Rhiannon, you call to, and when I appear in the long white nets of lace, a glow of the moon in my eyes; you are forevermore evolved into a soul that haunts you. Can you see my face in the early dawn? Do you feel my feathery touch at midnight? Dream state is full of a longing to know me, to know my thoughts, my heart, yet who is this mere pale shadow of a woman, you ask? Why am I different from the others?

You question every action, yet only you hold the answers, why do I fill your star stream.; ah, and only you shall seek out to find. My words are from places you dream of, wondering if I am fantasy or reality? Yet, those who know me, see a conundrum of equality, between the two. To know me, is to throw caution to the winds. You must look upon the full moon's glow at midnight to seek out my shadow. Awaken to the howl of the wolves, an owl's cry, and I shall appear. Call out my name, and I hear the beckon call. Allow me to seep into your soul, and I shall reign, as a comfort and passion, that only you that know me, can claim. Mortal and immortal, made of the stars, goddess of love, pre-destined to rule every 1000 years. Born of the flesh, yet living in the rings of Jupiter, a free spirit, pulsating throughout the identity of one who walks upon this Earth in mortal fashion. Always I am ever-seeking the immortality throughout the spirit in which I am. Follow your heart, and know Rhiannon.

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