By Jade Wayne

Time. Time is a funny thing. Sometimes we wish that it would pass, like at work or during school. When we are doing stuff we do not like, always and necessarily, but stuff that needs doing. Sometimes we wish that it would stand still, like when we are on the roof of the cabin or on the internet, in deep conversations; stuff that we want. Because, in the end, what we want does not last, and what we need will exist as long as we survive, we are truly perhaps serving time. Maybe time is the one true God; maybe it is time we should be begging for mercy.

Or, could it be, that time is only a minion of fate, in which I believe? After all, if there were no such thing as fate, what would be the purpose of time? What meaning would time have? If we were not in those specific places at those certain times, we would not have met. If I were born only a few years earlier, we never would have spoken. If I was not here, right now, I would never have seen your face, felt your presence, or heard your laugh.

So what can we do to combat time? To get more of what we want and less of what we need? We cannot make what we NEED what we WANT, cause, let me tell you, I will never WANT to work. So, obviously, we NEED to NEED less. Therefore let's live as simply as we can. Eat less, drive less, use technology less, sleep less; be more-be there, be here, see it all. be! It may be a different hour, but it is always the same time.

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