"Inner Sanctum of the Mind"

By Ria Steele

There is a place of awe and wonderment, which suspends like time into the depths of the inner source of spirit and mind. Not often understood, by many, yet accepted by few. We all live within a "fantasy", where reality and illusion, softly combine; where the mind sees all things, yet our reality, gives us a different "perspective" of thought. We seem to be able to "accept" what is tangible, yet deny what we cannot see, hear, smell, and touch. Yet, just because of "sensory perceptions" are blinded by the mind, does that mean these "intangible" pieces of us, remain formless and in illusion? Not at all, for they exist only when we can "open" up into a different realm, where thoughts are all dramatic and persistent. We often live by "reality", but what is "real"? If we are living in a "dream state", what then is considered a "dream"? To be able to "exist" in the mind's eye, takes us to places that we almost in society would consider "a state of delusion"...of "insanity", yet who is "sane" and who is to be considered "insane"? I reach into the inner "sanctum", of my own soul frequently, to visit, those viable crevasses, that deliver me from the brink of sanity to insanity, and that is where I thrive at my best. Where the "artist" goes, the "poet", the sanctity in which my heart dwells; I spring forth, into a tranquility of soul. To be able to "freefall", spring off the edge, and fly, where I soar into "open spaces" of heart. Just as one considers something "beautiful", to another the same, might be considered "painful and ugly". Opinions and perceptions differ, not just from one person to the other, but different in the same person, depending, on their "frame" of mind, their moods, and the "state" they are in at that present moment. "Present" moments always fleeing, for in one breath's space, they are gone from us into eternity, the past behind, and only the next to come. When that "moment" is gone, one can see something totally in a "new" light, and their perception is changed. When you think about art, sometimes, we hear other's say, or we have said, "It had to grow on me" so true, often, all of our "senses" are learned, and our "initial reaction" to something, is defined by our past experiences. We must "unlearn", the past and unleash the power of the mind, to "unlock" a new and vivid experience, so as not to dwell, with our own past experiences. The "conscious" mind, albeit, keeps us on an "even keel", it is the quantum consciousness, that suspend us, thus allowing events and us to linger where there are no limits, on time, place. There is an utmost and prevalent power to be unshackled, when we give over to "dream state", and let go of what conscious tells us is "reality" to delve into the "unknown" for all of us are "curious" creatures in our own right, from the moment we take our first breath, the "curious", and childlike nature is within us. We seek answers to questions! We are driven from within the bindings of our own entity. We are born as "seekers", of our own "truth", wanting to have the vast knowledge, and hold onto the "light" of the inner longings of our own existence. We want to answer questions, as to why, who, where, how, and what we are, and from that moment of birth, we "enrich" ourselves, with knowledge, but more than that, with "wisdom", that only comes from the "journey" we are born into. Without "wisdom", knowledge leaves us with, "educated idiots" that never quite reach their potential, for the wondrous experience of heart and soul. I am only in the "zone" of my own inner sanctum, when I rip down the walls, tear open my chest, and allow the forces that sustain me to absorb inward and outward, in an omni-present flow. That is when I am at my very best, suspended upon the enrichment of innate wisdom of entity. That is when I am exactly who I am, dwelling from within my heart and soul. Never pondering over if I am where I "need" to be, but accepting totally who I am, and this path that I walk along, is exactly where I need to be, at any one moment in time space.

Copyright 2005 Ria Steele

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