"How long?"

By Sparrow Sandoz

How long does a person eat of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(good and evil) until they come to find themselves separated from the Tree of Life? How many stones does a person throw at others, while they themselves stand clothed in a facade of righteousness? How many curses, and condemning words, until they come to realize they have condemned themselves? How many truths based on man's ideals of their distorted sound doctrine, thumbing through Biblical passages to feed their arrogance, and support their self-righteousness; entertaining a religious spirit, until they come to find they have lived a deception; having condemned others to hell for the very things they did not live themselves? How long before their carnal ears refuse to hear true prophetic words? How long before their heart hardens to receive the truth of G-d's word? How long will their eyes only see fault and wrong in others, and remain blinded to the wrong in themselves? How long before they realize the danger of their blaspheming the things only the L-rd has authority to explain? How long before their mouths that declare praises to G-d in congregation meetings, are also the same mouths that spew out venom of curses and wickedness to others, declaring it all in the name of G-d and His truth, until their voices be muted? How long will they harbor unforgiveness, anger, and hatred in their heart, until they come to experience G-d's silence? How long before they realize the prayers they utter, while harboring such darkness in their heart fall to the deaf ears of G-d? To what extent do we push the Creator's hand? The hand of His judgment against us, because of our perversiveness? How long before we come to realize that much of the afflictions (illnesses) of our body are the result of the seeds of anger and unforgiveness planted, nurtured, and rooted in the core of our being? For how long shall many of us continue to live on the uncharted island of our mind, in the company of the "old man" inside us; refusing to let "him" go; refusing to change, for fear of finding ourself totally alone? What of the defiled altars we set in our hearts that leave no room for spiritual growth? For how long does one allow pride to consume them to be left with no courage to admit they've been wrong? For how long shall mankind play "Russian roulette" with the filth of their hidden iniquities, and stop making excuses for not getting rid of them. Labeling them mere temptations. Those aren't temptations! They are our carnal addictions. Temptation will put your life's purpose(salvation) to the test, not your conscience. The Creator of the universe will not take from us what He has given us the power to get rid of ourselves. How long until we stop making excuses for why we do what we do and take responsibility to discipline ourselves and stop doing it? (We do what we hate to do, because we desire to do it!) Temptation does not come to us for what we struggle daily, but, rather what we already feel in our heart, entertain in our mind, and desire to satisfy in our flesh. Surrendering to G-d in humility, protects and strengthens one's will to resist the temptation of the enemy of our soul (our own self). Still, because of G-d's mercy, when we do fall we are even then granted a choice. Even in our falling out, in the aftermath of our giving in to sin, we have the choice to sink and drown in the sea of dispair and condemnation, or humbly swim back to the shore of G-d's grace (repented, and humbled before the L-rd). How long? How long shall mankind separate themselves from what they thought was separating themselves for the sake of G-d's truth, only to find themselves having separated from G-d Himself? How long before events like the Biblical account of the flood, or present day global catastrophies need occur until we come to realize how far we have strayed from the presence of G-d? How long before we learn to love the L-rd with all our heart,soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourself? How long until we accept that there is no sacrifice offering we can possibly bring to the L-rd that will satisfy Him, but a broken spirit and a contrite heart is what G-d will not despise(Psalm 51)? How long? How long? I pray for the L-rd's mercy --- not long.

Copyright 2003 Sparrow Sandoz


Sparrow Sandoz [b. Maria-Magdalena Sandoz Gonzalez] is an educator in the Special Education field. She is a native of New York City currently residing in Massachusetts. Both her parents were from the beautiful island of BORIKEN(Puerto Rico). A poet, writer, essayist, and recipient of various writing awards. Her life experiences, personal observations, faith, and rich Taino-Afric-Sephardi(Spanish Jewish) ancestry are at the root of all she writes.

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