Poetry Whored

by Marie Lecrivain

.' .beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror.' - Rainer Maria Rilke

Within the Poet's heart ascends a maelstrom of words as he gazes on the one he's denied.

He can see her across the Strand. She's balanced on one delicate limb, and tossing back her freshly washed mane of vanity. She fiddles with his wristwatch, the one he gave her on the night they set aside their mutual terror and dared to exchange a single kiss. The watchface is stilled to exactly one minute before midnight.

The Poet's mind and bowels constrict with horror, as words form thoughts, then urges, then commands to.


Reach out!

His pale, ink-stained fingers tremble with the compulsion to feel, stroke and rub her surfaces, until he's immersed in her flesh.

She now reclines into an odalisque. Laid bare on the Strand, her limbs achieve a deceptive fragility. She teases her intimacies with absentminded lusts, and chants -

"What I'd do

when you're not here,

is what I'd do

if you were here."

But the Poet mounts the stage with the rest of the Whores, and ejaculates all the hopes of what he'd like to do.

he'd like to.

he'd like.but.

he'll never do; fulfill those desires - his Muse must remain a dream.

copyright 2004 m. lecrivain

Bio: Marie Lecrivain is the executive editor of poeticdiversity. She's a 2nd-level denizen of Dante's Inferno, and is a writer in her apartment.Marie has been featured at open mics and poetry showcases throughout Los Angeles. Her prose and poetry have recently appeared in Aesthetica, Animus, Earth's Daughters, Subtle Tea, The Blue House, Triplopia and Cracked Pavement & Plastic Trees: Our Gifts to Future Generations, an anthology of eco-poetry. She has two poetry collections: Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau (Sybaritic Press 2003), and poetry whored, an e-chapbook (Tamafyhr Mountain Press 2004).Her avocations include felines, dark chocolate and sensual tributes upon her neck from male artists-except male poets, who only write about it.

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