The Heart Tells Tales (Sequel to the "Tell Tale Heart")

by Juan Ayala

My mind looms gray like shadows on midnight grass. I feel abandoned, betrayed, hated and alone.

Why, you ask? It is for a man that caused my injustice. A sole being that caused my inner torture. Listen clearly and you might join me in my pain against this evil one. It is he who is joined by blood to another. One of two kinds. You could tell the resemblance but only if you see one of his eyes.

Some might think I have no feelings or that I belong in a home for the insane, but they are all wrong. It is not my head that has been effected, but rather my heart.

My own flesh, my own brother, taken away from me. There are no words that I can use to express my discomfort. Insane? Ha. I laugh at those words. Uncontrollable pain and suffering. I am not whole without him.

So I was forced to do what was calling upon me. I watched this old man for two weeks prior to making my desire reality, for it was his bloods fault that took mine away. I took notes, planned and planned until the morning came. Every morning he took his little walking dog down to the abandoned cemetery. He took those walks 55 minutes before the crack of dawn each day, while the moon was still shining and no one else was around.

I knew the old man's every footstep, every breathe. I went out and waited until he took his 1100th step, which was plenty safe enough so that no other soul could hear.

I swept up behind him and with one tap on the shoulder, he knew. He knew his life was in my hands. He looked at me, and just when he was about to utter a word, I grabbed him by the neck. His eye was staring straight into my soul. It was like a vulture that was glaring at a defenseless mouse, except for, he was the mouse.

Why did he torture me so? Why did he take my brother away from me? Why would he want to ruin my life? For it was all his doing, his doing.

Its been one year since the old man's last walk, but yet my soul still aches. Unable to sleep, I feel meek and my brother is still away, locked up. For my life is so ruined and his has ended.

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