Other Poems by:

Wanda Phipps


morning poem #57

I am the catalyst
worlds whirl around me
fixed habits burn to cinders
new paths open and contract
and open again and again
lost children become stars
dead roads metamorphosize
I am the sand's irritant
working into pearl
an ankle bracelet
scratching skin as reminder
of connection, family
ties breaking walls
I am the directional
pull towards center
I am the savior of lost causes
the grace given the wayward
the open palm of plenitude
the Tao of the indecisive
I am the turner of pages
the alchemist of city grit
the waver of wands
the rocker of personal planets
I am the catalyst
for everyone
but myself

Wanda Phipps is the author of Wake-Up Calls: 66 Morning Poems (Soft Skull Press), Your Last Illusion or Break Up Sonnets (Situations), and the CD-Rom Zither Mood (Faux Press).

C)opyright 2007 Wanda Phipps - All Rights Reserved
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