Other Poems by:

Vicki Curtis


It's too hard 
I'm too weak 
I can't climb 
It's too steep. 
I will fall 
You will see 
There's no luck 
Here for me. 
Where's my help 
I can't see 
Where's the break 
That I need. 
Just one time 
One last try 
To live life 
Not to die. 
Time will run 
Oh so fast 
It changes now 
Right into past. 
So I sit 
With much sorrow 
About my past 
And about tomorrow. 
I should embrace 
I should accept 
Then let go 
Of my regret. 
Yet something stays 
Clouds my mind 
Makes my answers 
Hard to find. 
Should I fight 
Should I stay 
Will my light 
Be turned away? 
These are things 
I must decide 
To answer question 
Live or die? 

Love on Hold

Part of me is missing and I'm not sure what
to do. I'm having trouble living just a "me"
without "and you." I know that time will pass so that we'll
soon not be apart, But until then, I'll have to mend my
hurting, aching heart. A picture's worth a thousand words and lives
throughout the years, But looking at the one of you is worth a
thousand tears. My every thought of you is raw and life
seems so surreal, I have to think again we'll meet so in time,
my wounds will heal. It amazes me how big I felt, when lifted by
your touch, That now without it here for me, I miss it
just too much. And so, my love, I will wait for you and
with some time I'll see, How deeply your love runs and that you will
come back for me.
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