Other Poems by:

Vanessa Kristovich

Passions and Dreams

Passions come, but seldom choose to stay.

Dreams we have will often fade away.


Still, we try to make our hearts like new, 

And I will choose to be in love with you.


My hope I place in your unwilling hand,

And hope I will that this time it will stand


Unfettered, like a rose upon the vine.

I dream our passions will become entwined.


But, if this dreamís a dream that doesnít last,

I will move on, not dwell upon the past.

I Love the USA

I love living in a country where 
I can say 
"The president is a dickhead!" 
Without fear of execution. 

I love living in a place 
Where I don't have to 
Eat bombs for lunch. 

I love the beauty of the countryside. 
I love to be able to protest 
The smog in the city. 

I love the multicolored, 
Multitalented, multitraditional 
Branches of my family tree. 

I love the people that I know 
Who are so good at 
Experimenting with nuclear waste, 
Genetics and self-expression. 

I love being able to love the God that I know 
In the way that I know Him, 
A loving, kind, Father/Brother God, 
Not some scary, punishing, 
Do what I say or burn forever God 
Used by some politician to control the masses. 

I love that I can love the atheists, the altruists, 
The conservatives and the liberals, 
And anybody else who does not agree with my philosophy, 
Without anger or reprisal for either of us. 

I love that those who would give us adversity 
Give us instead faith, hope and brotherhood. 

I love that we are, 
As we like to say, 

Out of many, one.

My Light

You are like 
The flame on the candle, 
The moon in the night sky, 
The sun that illuminates the earth. 
You are my light, 
My guide, my inspiration. 
Without you, my world 
Is total darkness. 
I love you. 
I hope you will light 
The world for me, 


If I were more beautiful, 
Would you hear me? 

If I were smaller, or taller, 
Would you hear me? 

If I shouted from the roof, 
Stood on my head, 
Appeared aloof, 
Would you hear me then? 

If I were of a different race, 
Would you hear me? 

If I were more affluent, 
Would you hear me? 

If I lived more in a state of grace, 
Always a smile 
Upon my face, 
Would you hear me then? 

If I were a statesman 
From another land, 
Would you hear me? 

If I were a man, 
Would you hear me? 

If I were a child playing in sand, 
Or I were your lover 
Holding your hand, 
Would you hear me then? 

My voice is but a drop of water 
In an ocean of billions, 
But no less significant 
Than the voice of the waves. 
Can you hear me above the din? 
Will I be able to get in?

The Cruel World

I feel 
How hard 
The world 
Has made 

Rocks and 
Can no 
Rival be. 
The fortress 
That once 
Kept my 
Has fallen. 
My heart 
Was broken 
As I 
Reached out 
To thee. 

Yet, I so 
To get 
I still 
For the key.

Love Grows

When I first saw my love, 
I thought, 
"This man is ugly! 
I could never be attracted to him! 
His hair is too long, and scraggly. 
He's got that gold tooth. 
Doesn't own a pair of pants 
Without a hole in it. 
And, my God, somebody 
Should tell him to shave 
His face, and his back." 

And then, we got to talking, 
Tender talk. 
Talk about love, and poems, 
And sunrises, and about how 
Sad I felt when my cat died. 
And those big, blue eyes 
Were so sympathetic, 
And I thought to myself, 
"He's not so bad! 
A little plain, maybe, 
But somehow attractive 
In his own way." 

And then, the death 
Of another dear friend. 
He held my hand 
At the funeral, and my tears 
Found a home on his shoulders. 
As I wept, I breathed deeply. 
Sigh after sigh, I took in his scent, 
And I was grateful for his presence. 
And I thought to myself, 
"How strong he is, how comforting 
To lean on this towering man, 
To have his strength to sustain me, 
Now, when I need it most. 
And, there is something about him.." 

He kissed me. 
Hesitant, that first kiss, 
As though he was afraid 
That I would push him away. 
But, I took that kiss, 
Slow, at first, 
Then deeply drank it in, 
Like a bottle of Dom Perignon, 
To be savored with full passion. 
Our souls were knit together 
On some ethereal plane, 
A spark ignited, 
And the fire started within me. 
Not fireworks, 
But the fire that grows 
From one leaf, 
Into a raging inferno. 
The coals remain hot. 
And I thought, 
"This is my soul mate. 
Thank heaven we were able 
To find each other!"
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