Other Poems by:

Tyler Casey

Stand in this Tortured Place

Stand on this tortured place
Mangled souls all filled with sorrow
And of the human race
Wonder if we'll find tomorrow

Must warn the marching people
Just where they're stepping towards
Into the hubris steeple
Of fear and false rewards

It's time to stop and think,
Conceive a better way
As we're staring into the brink
All we can do is save today

Wonder if we still can
Only if there is a teacher
If not empires made of sand
Very well could rule our future

Just have to wait and see
If we can refill the marrow
If we'll find how to be
Wonder what we'll do tomorrow


One day I was lying
Wearily drifting
Sun ablaze at my back
A lizard climbed up beside me
For an hour I watched intently
As my sleek skinned friend
Bobbed his head & bathed
His skin in the red eyes glow
For an hour he sat for me
To watch & think of things long past
Monsters of yore who roamed
And plundered the soil
Where I lie to this day
I thought of these monsters
And how one day an asteroid
May ride back upon this earth
And only this little monster will remain
Hiding in crevasses for years and years
Never touched by this new dawning
Of heaven and hell
This breaking of the peace
Only when chased do they scurry
Only when dirty do they cleanse
Such glorious creatures
May grow high again
Into the skyscrapers of the New World
As our Ka floats away
From bodies that are charred
Maybe this world needs to be given back
For God to create again, better
Maybe the sun charres my mind with fever
Maybe this lizard will be my friend
But I'll not follow him into crevasses
Just watch and admire
My smooth skinned friend


3:34 and still imagining
days with you in happiness
still right through my dreams

I think of you so often
The lovely tone you talk in
My soul for you beams

Watch you as you dance
Soft feet gently prance
And dream you dance with me

Damn I'd love you right
Caress you through the night
I wish I could believe

Will I ever hold you
Cheer you when you're blue
So happy we could be

Nevermind the heartache
I'll love you just the same
Maybe someday we'll see

Mr. Pelican Man

Hey Mr. Pelican man
With your neck so long
And no regard for wrong
Looking down on me
With a head perched high
A sermon in despise
A smug look in your eye
And grin upon your face
Think you've won this race.
Pale faced pelican man
Your look at me disgust
With a hint of distrust
Yearning for the call
And bringing of my death
So for you more breathe
More room for you to roam
And add upon your reach
More for you to siege
Only love you had for me
To add to piles of gold
>From the lies you sold
Legislated and boxed me up
To sit cold and alone
Only to take my home.
Fat pelican man
Gorged on earth's soil
Forgotton all that's loyal
Someday you'll be judged
Although you don't believe
You've given what you'll receive
As Dylan preached before
All your piles of gold
Will never buy back your soul.

I am the Healer

In the sacred times like
I am the one who makes
Them bleed
Destroyer of all that's wrong
Unraveler of the sweetest song
I am he
The one who brings them
To their knees
I am the street bum
High off his potion,
Free from his leash
I am the malignant curse
That rains upon the
I am the one that's hurting!
I am the scholar
My brain so large
I am in charge
& there's nothing you can do
I am the shaman
With my peyote dance
Healer of the masses
Till my trance comes crashing
I am the lost soul
With faith dried up
And evaporated away
I am the taker of the day
I am the fiendish
Dictator of my way
I am the craver
Of things that destroy
Waiting patiently
Till its time to deploy
The raving addict
W/Benzedrine dreams
And stark raving prophesies
Of rappers and fiends
Yes I am he!
I am your father
That won't meet your needs
I am the child
That never finds peace
The crossdressing
Homophobic slob
I am the one
You continue to rob
I am still standing
Though chaos surrounds
I see every sight
I hear every sound
But still I am bound
I am the taker
Of all that you own
I am the maker
Of yet a new home
I am enlightened
I am too cold
I am still frightened
The more I grow old
I am corrector
Of all that is wrong
I am the cleanser
I will hold strong
Against all who oppose
And all who suppose
They can control us like the past
To those with chins high
And those who despise
Soon you will be no more
For I am the healer!!


Will you ever listen?
Still time left to please
Still room to escape
Through tainted memories

Everyone must follow
Place we want to go
Nothing left to fear now
We're sunk way too low

When I look into their eyes
I see a world
Never meant for such despise
Everyday and through the night
Well aware
It's time to make things right

Something's in the way now
Everywhere we roam
No one wants to listen
All just on their own

Sometimes I am floating
A product of my high
While the only thing to do now
Is wait until we die

Hard to escape the tainted light
If we come together
We may just have the might
Stop this hell upon its tracks
& all the love that once was
come right on back

To my brothers saying please
It may be time for me
To take my leave

Drive into economy
Bring those who sell our lives
Down to their knees.

Melancholy Soup
Melancholy soup
Choked down with stale pride
Pull off my dark disguise
And all that I despise
The many times I've cried
Nobody knows the cries
Revealed through blackened eyes
They multiply
I dream alone
A grand new day
This sweet day
I replay.
Feed me death
Or take my breath
Won't let me rest
I beg for control
Of my life
Ignore the hype
They sell to me.
Press on
To make my plea
What's become me,
What's to be.
Attempt to heal
My tainted soul
Made of gold
The gold I sold
Stand off
Against my foes
Do I know
That anything goes
Pray on
For new hope
Not just dope
To help me cope
They keep me playing
All their games
Till I'm tame
Are they sane?
Press on
Through all the muck
The junk,
Punks and stupid fucks
To reach for the crown
I'm never down
Until hands are bound
Or I drown.
They force more in
So I can't win
Can't even begin
Destroys my mind
And poison's my soul
Every drop, every bowl.
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