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Follow Me

Will you follow me, 
Deep inside my head? 
Will you set me free, 
Because this pain has left me dead. 
Will you wipe away these tears, 
And show me something good? 
Could you take away my deepest fears, 
I always knew you would. 
Will you go away with me? 
And we could both be free. 
Face my world, 
Just you and me. 
If only it could be. 
You take me far away 
From my part in this play. 
All the chaos in this world today... 
Then you show me how to let go. 
And you show me how to close up. 
You always let me know 
When I've had enough.


So kind hearted, 
So sincere. 
Such a good friend, 
It's hard to believe you're not here. 
The love you posessed, 
The way that it showed. 
You knew you were beautiful, 
And you knew it was known. 
I'll miss your smile. 
I'll miss our good times. 
Your devilish style, 
Your sense of mind. 
Now you're there, 
The Place that's so well-spoken. 
I'm not sure how to bear 
Such a wonderful person was taken. 
I'll always love you, 
And forever I'll think of you. 
Remember that line, 
"The laughter's so fine?" 
It isn't so. 
But soon I'll know, 
I'll know laughter, 
And I'll know love. 
But first comes the mourning chapter, 
Then a shove. 
I need to realize, 
That you are now eternally happy. 
Where the grief is left behind. 
Where what is now was just then. 
No more sorrow. 
Just love and memories, 
And then let there be tomorrow.

Acid Rain

There's something about you 
That tears me inside out when you're around. 
There's something about you 
Speeding through my veins, until we hit ground. 
Something about this rush I feel. 
Take it away. 
I need something real. 
Then I reach the feeling, 
That I could die. 
Why must I keep believing, 
All the good things of this high? 
There's something about you 
That makes me feel like I could fly. 
You're a heart attack, just the kind I like. 
Nothing about you I wouldn't miss. 
As reality starts to grow... 
Feeling deep within this momentary bliss. 
Haunting me as I let go. 
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