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Ice Palace

Damn this place, 
How it hurts to see it glitter, 
Yet, although you've left me bitter -- 
I'll still love you anyway. 
Was any of it worth it? 
All the times that we went through? 
Or did she take a way some hidden pan? 
Do you think she's better for you? 
Now I watch it melting, 
The palace I thought we tried to build. 
While you're stepping through the puddles, 
My heart wonders how to live. 
I thought that we could make it -- 
But, It's high noon by our ice -- I tried to make you 
love me, 
But it only took one night. 
Maybe for you shes better, 
But no matter how she tries, 
She'll never love you how I could ... or how hard 
you've made me cry. 
I always thought I needed you -- but that has to go 
both ways, 
I hope she makes you happy, 
While I'm facing lonely nights and days. 
Now I have to leave our palace, because you've burned 
me like the sun. 
Now our Ice is finished, 
And your love for me is gone. 
Damn this place, 
How it hurts to see the water glitter -- 
Although you've left me bitter, 
I'm still loving you anyway. 


I am everybody's Soldier, 
Everybody's wall -- 
I am there for everyone to lean on, 
I cannot afford to fall. 
I will come for you when you are hurting, 
When the walls are burning down. 
I survive on a sense of duty 
And all the loyalty my heart allows 
For you I protect your freedom, 
For you I will take the fall. 
For here- overseas ... 
In Heaven and beyond. 
Do not fear to be dependant 
I've given you my life. 
I serve and protect with selflessness- 
The ultimate, I do not fear to give. 
For I believe, In safety- our children have the right 
to live. 
I fear one day a flag will fold- And I will see the 
But I know it will be done for the sake of my 
children's innocence and laughter. 
To you the soldier speaks, 
While the angel in me weeps. 
But when all is said and done- 
I know righteousness will overcome. 


Just like any other, I crave affection. 
Only the affection of you- yours alone. 
I long to expose my inner-self to you, who I really am 
... such uncharted territory 
I quiver in anticipation, at the very thought of you 
taking me for all that I am. 
Silently I am begging for you to have me, hold me, and 
feel your breath upon my skin. 
Inside I'm screaming- Take me!- with all my pent-up 
passions and dependence of your opinion of me! 
I am longing for you to promise me you will always be 
there ... Oh! How it would feel to say the same to 
I offer you my soul; I know not what more I could 
possibly give. 
At this very moment say the word and for you- only you 
I will live. 
It is all for you ... hasn't it always been? 
I crave you- 
How I could paint your life with such color! 
How you ... in your entirety- have changed every fiber 
of my being. 
Allow me- 
I place among your universe- and you will be my sun. 
My bond to you- 
Beyond need 
Beyond lust 
Beyond Love ... . 
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