Other Poems by:

Shanu Goyal


A moment so ethereal

A deep peace within

When desires vanish

Heart filled with gratitude 

Universal synchronicity embodies me

A sense of completeness

An epitome of happiness

Envelopes my being 

Nothing left to yearn for

Absolutely nothingÖ

Me with myself, on a journey

Without a destinationÖ 

Where each choice made is crucial

Where each action reverberates

Where lifeís a spiritual experience

Where every event is prime, not its consequence. 

Here, words are all futile

Silence, a beautiful language

This alchemyÖ

Transcends all boundaries. 

-Shanu Goyal



The dusty fragments
of another day
marked off
on my calendar,
hangs upon my mind
like an albatross.
They day's gone, but not
forgotten.  This is a
day I can
never retrieve.
It keeps lingering.


This is Shanu Goyal, from Moradabad, a small town of Uttar Pradesh, India. 
Iíve been writing poems since age of 12. For me, poetry is a medium to connect 
to my inner self. Though Iím a Masters in Business Administration and have worked 
with several organizations at different levels but still searching for my life 
purpose that could satiate the needs of an artist, a motivator and a hidden public 
speaker in me. Currently Iím working as a Personality Development Trainer.

Poetry for me is divine. A sudden burst of emotions come up to the brim, I channelize 
my turbulent flow thoughts and a composition takes place. Usually I write when Iím dull 
and depressed to vent my feelings through poetry so that  Iím rejuvenated. It was after 
my marriage in 2001 that my connection with outer world began through Internet. Since 
then my poems have been published in many International Journals and websites- Voices.net, 
Forward Press (U.K), Lavender Mist (U.K), Corner Poetry, Brightlight Cafť, Jbstillwater.com 
etc. My book, Silence Speaks published in 2005, is a collection of poems written in different 
moods. Iím also a  life member of The Poetry Society of India.

Being an avid reader, Iíve enjoyed reading books of various authors- Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony 
Robbins, John Gary, Robert Schuller, Stephen R. Covey,Osho, Robin Sharma. These are the people 
behind my personal transformation. Suddenly after reading these books I felt a dire need to 
stop running in search of happiness as I realized that happiness is a by-product of our actions. 
It is a state we all can remain in if we choose to. Today, my poems are a reflection of this new 
ĎMEí and I do not have to feel the need to be depressed to pen down few lines.

Copyright Shanu Goyal 2008-09
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