Other Poems by:

Shane Taylor

Waiting for the Phone to Ring in America

One small blanket for man,   
  10 million crickets to hear kind.
When will they smile?
I should speak for myself.
I could consider the frown upon my face   
  as I wait for the phone to ring. 

ďIs this not America?Ē I think to myself,   
  a dozen arms raised in my head.
ďDoes she not wear the American flag for panties?Ē 

Iíve recently been cured of a zit. 
If the phone rings now, no one even resembling me will
answer it.
Itís late.
The message machine is a distant relative, initials

Even in America, why so blue?
Even in a state of love making, why so blue?
The answers, they are a jiggling in my face.
And the ones I donít want, I just push them away.
Analyzing, thinking, considering, plucking...   
  Does she love me, does she not?   
  Does she love me, does she not? 

Iím writing what has nothing to do with what Iím
writing that has nothing to do with       
    what Iím writing and it has nothing to do with
what....well, you know. 

I believe I could keep myself occupied for good,   
  writing, nothing, thinking.
I could compare time to the length of my boat.
My boat is as big as it looks.
Any bigger, and Iíd have to do more looking.
Time can be quite painful.Any longer, and Iíll soon be sleeping.

The NRA is Here to Stay

 Get a pencil and write down these interruptions.
When confronted by game, shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
The NRA will save the day,   
  much as it did during past revolutions,   
  making us who we are today. 

Without guns, how will I fight off 13 year old boys?
With knives and an erection? Certainly not! 

They crowd all around my residence, cowering and
Theyíre at the door now, knocking, and waiting for my

Without guns, forced sex will become a thing of the
  eliminating the pro-creation of future great
Give me guns or give me death   
  then give them to someone else.
Iíve never shot the fucking things. 

But without guns for people to try and shoot me with,   
  how will I get them before they get me?
Itís all a circular discussion really and Iíve got to

If you put your safety goggles on upside down at the
shooting range,   
  youíll get a laugh.
Anything to avoid the real issue.

The Most Wonderful Christmas Card Time of the Year

The morning is heavy.
This morning is so heavy,
the steam from my coffee and rum cuts through it.
It could thaw the world if everyone would just sit

Sit and mill in coffee and rum. 

Iíve got these Christmas cards to send out.
Cards for me and cards not for me hang on the wall.
I donít really live here, Iím a rental agreement.
Warm sentiments, warm coffee and rum,
this world doesnít have to be so cold. 

Why so cold?
Why so blue?
These are some of my questions.
I ask them of my friends and strangers in cards I send
to them.
Howís the leg? Howís the kids?
Howís your car accident injury? 
Howís your 9/11 anxiety? 

Iím fine but my dog is dead.
Iím a big drunken disappointment in bed.
But still, through it all, we move ahead.
These holidays arenít going to stop for anybody,
They are a steamrolling machine of cheer and gladness.
Happy holidays and have a happy holiday,

**Copyright 2007 Shane Taylor, all rights reserved
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