Other Poems by:

Sarah Sisson


Bio: Sarah Sisson is a professional singer in Texas. Her poetry is a reflection 
of her survival and nourishment she received through rigorous honesty, hope and 
the value of others. Her poetry reproduces the pain of addiction, the art of 
growth and the love of living life. As a poet, Sarah has felt compelled to 
express every emotion in a simple way. Thought and fantasies come through in a 
danceable, fun way. The pain is intertwined with hope; the fear is laced with 
happiness. Then there is the growth and sanctuary of age. She has recently 
switched gears from writing short stories and songs to indulge in her love for 
poetry. Her rhythm is intrinsic. Her rhyming is artful. Sarah is a new and 
enthusiastic inspirational poet. A thirty seven year old woman who has lived her 
life in and out of jails, sanitariums and experienced pain with bi polar disorder

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