Other Poems by:

Ray Succre

The Promise of Chromosomes

They are bucked on her early,

hold the stresses and the missions;

promises are the things

she is counted on to perform.


Drive hard and

do not take shit and

respect elders and

tough it out and

bear things and

defend any habits and 

the female life and 

a vast country and

work hard and

build things and

see through things and

go fight win and

penetrate a man and

marry and mother and

keep what you marry and mother.


She is to do all of this with a tract

of professionalism.

Reading the Instructions

I haze the bone of my skull for steaks and oranges.

I square the mouth, format its race for an artery 

of repetition as of sleds over snow and ice, 

over memory. I collect men and women walking

decade's here, one thousand irises in a head.


I have to ask, almost pig-bitten in frost,

what the skin thinks.  I have to narrate, 

or else I hop moods and draw hoods,

some devil of a high fire zone jumping roads.

I have a northwest flannel thought, 

yet a machined, frozen juice-concentrate voice,

and I have to have it out.


           I ring my

            ring, my ring I

            ring, and I ring my

eyes poured out like catsup over

the thrush, rushed through all the 

outbound, migratory wheres on the world.

            I cough my

            cough, my cough I

            cough, and I cough again

as a robin posts on the roof, a retirement 

home cell, and what a nursing, tainted robin 

he is, the thrush, rust-red breast, singing as

            I ring my

            drink, my cough I

            cough, as I drink my

hopeful, bemused stares;

it is the closest he'll get to being 

left a robin.


(truncate as needed):  Ray Succre has been writing for twelve years 
and has begun publishing his poetry while trying to broaden himself 
as a poet and parent.  He is now beginning to send his work out at a 
more social level.  He currently lives on the southern Oregon coast 
with his wife, Maisy, and baby boy, Painter.  He has been published 
in Aesthetica, Poetry Salzburg Review, and Poetry Nottingham, as well 
as in many others both in the U.S. and abroad.



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