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Ravens Rants

Frail Destiny

You broke a thousand hearts
on your way to mine
you tore through a thousand lonely souls
and shattered a thousand dreams
before a twist of fate
brought you to my door

Now you've moved on
following the scent of loneliness
down a trail of desperation
to another victim
one who smiles unaware
just like I did in the months before

But time will be kind to me
as it is to most gentle souls
though we break like twigs
in the howling winds of today
the rains of tomorrow make us strong
and let us grow into a forest that can never be broken

You will remain hollow, empty and weak
even as I grow stronger
and some day love will find you
following the scent of your loneliness
and it will break you with ease
a rotten tree falling to a draft

So even as I cry for you
and nurse my broken heart
I offer no words of anger
nor carry any ill desires
For your fate is your own
and destiny spites you enough
while I'll miss you on lonely nights
I can not hate what I pity so much
nor condem that which has condemned itself

In the Dark

There are times when I'm inconsolable
when the world around me becomes too much
and my demons come out to feast on me again
There are times when I'm hopeless
when I'm too lost to return home
and I don't need your comforting touch
I just need to be left alone to sit quietly in the dark

Don't offer me a friendly hand
nor a tender embrace of love
Just let me surround myself with shadows
and let my troubles eat me whole
Don't try to save me when I can't be saved
and keep your tender words for another day
a day when the tides of my heart have changed
and my soul flows the other way

But until that time remember that I love you
and that you're still the keeper of my heart
but for the moment love is not my friend
and your tender touch and sweetest smile
are like poison to my aching soul
So let me be
Let me sit alone in the dark
Let me find comfort in forgotten lusts
Let me bandage my heart with solitude
and dry my tears with time

I know that you understand 
and I pray that you'll return
Because I long for when I can emerge from these shadows
and once again cherish the smile glistening 
across your sweet, tender face


I remember how it began
with tempers flaring and heartache nearing
We were saying words never meant to be said
and now we're hurting one another just because
we were too weak to face ourselves
We cry because we love
We cry because we care
But we forget that in this world
everything has a price
and that even teardrops aren't free

I held your head in my arms
and I tried to caress the pain away
But no matter how much I wiped your eyes
or took back the words I said
I couldn't stop you from hurting
and as pain creates pain
and suffering creates suffering
It becomes clear that we live in a world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

As I'm driving off into the distance
I can see you standing there waving
with the tears still fresh on your face
I try to remember every word we said
and I try to understand the price I'm paying
as I speed into the darkness of uncertainty
leaving pieces of myself behind
pieces that are mere tokens demanded by a world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

Now we're miles apart my love
and I haven't seen your face in years
but your pale blue eyes still haunt me
every night as I drift off to sleep
I hear you've moved on with your life
and that you've found another lover
one that only makes you smile
But I'm still crying my love
I'm still caressing the pain
and I'm still paying the toll claimed by this world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

Glass of Tears

So there I was
just sitting at the bar
with my head hanging low
remembering the good times we had.
I would have crawled into a bottle of whisky
but decided instead to fill my glass with tears.
I came there to sit with the drunks
perhaps to meet someone more miserable than myself.
Though I heard sob stories
and tragedies of all kinds
they only made me miss you all the more

What is a guy supposed to do
when the woman he loves breaks his heart?
How's he supposed to react when his trust
his love
his life
has been broken?

He listens to tales of ancient heartbreak
while drinking deep from a glass of tears
He puts a quarter in the jukebox
and plays the saddest song he can find
Because as a wise man once said,
"The only solace for a broken heart
is bitter company
and the only solace for bitter company
is a pint of bitter beer."

And though I dare not tip a glass for you
nor buy a round in your name
I'll always see your face smiling back
at the bottom of my glass of tears

Copyright (C) 1996-2004 Raven

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