Other Poems by:

Rachelle Credo


the sun breaks through the eastern sky
peering over the fleecy clouds
with arms outstretched to heaven
it looks down and stifles a yawn
the rest of the sleeping world springs to life
while I stay tightly snug in bed 
sunbeams flare through the windowpanes
leaving a sparkling trail on its path
the sweet scent of the daffodils
sweep the drab shroud of the air
while bees hum seductive tunes 
as they bask dawn's magnificence 
frisky imps play tug-of-war with my eyelids
and the catankerous breeze pokes my skin
I cringe away from the first rays of light
still resisting to leap out of my sack
the bedside clock wheezes loudly 
it's time to bolt out of bed
I rub my eyes from a restful sleep
shaking off the drowsiness from my head
the sunbeams give a lazy wave of greeting
welcoming my presence to its hub
i smile back in satisfaction
complacent of a great day ahead


After swaying on the wings of dreams
In satisfaction of vaulting whims
I was finally headed back to our abode
Into the forgotten zone beside the road.
As I trotted the all-familiar path
I remembered my li'l bro - oh, that brat!
Yet my heart was wrenching down to my soul 
I guess I did miss that brat after all.
Countless trees lined up the aisle
One after another, they ran for a mile
Reminding me of Little Miky, Fran and Camy
Queuing in line to wait for Daddy's candies.
The morning breeze blew against my face
Sending shivers through my spine to base
Oh, how I missed Mommy's delectable cuisine
Of chicken soup, meatballs and mmm, ch'ao mien!
Counting past five houses and one old bridge, 
My anticipation grew and all excitement merged
A few more steps and a turn to the right
I'd finally be facing them all sound and bright.
I finally arrived and walked through the door 
Then the lights went on and everyone roared
"We all miss'd you!" they bawled with cheer
I simply cried, I just couldn't be happier.


Restless winds blow tree leaves 
Strewing them on the ground with wisps 
The sweltering heat crawls all over
Like a plague of locusts in September
In the splash of wave and warmth of breeze
Squirrels scamper across from tree to tree 
Climbing up and down like chimpanzees
For nuts to scrounge and corn cob kernels 
Mockingbirds and sparrows flit about
While buttercups exude their wildest hues
The wind caresses in undulating grace
The hushing leaves of piņon pine trees
The cry of chirping thrushes
Resonate the song of nature's bliss
As gleaming spires of lemongrass
Proclaim it's genealogic class
Tide of memories sweep the heart
Of love and lovers fallen apart
As summer memories held so dear
Overhelm a soul inured to tears


Build me a heaven of sands and stones
A castle out of sprays of sand
Where I may rest at the close of the day
For refuge from a whole day's run
Build me a heaven 'neath the azure sky
A little house far from the road
Where I can see the swallows as they fly
And the redwood leaves as they fall
Build me a heaven of little rocks
A residence that's stable and sturdy
Where the catastrophes of life
Could never topple down facilely
Build me a heaven of muck and soil 
A hermitage away from civilization
There will be drawbridge and a moat
An empyrean where my essence float
Build me a heaven of sands and stones
Not of bricks, of blocks and other stuff
For I do not wish to live on a throne
A home of sand and stones of love is enough


another wink of day creases 
from the lofty dappled spaces
glowing in twilight's splendor
through the slightly opened door
the soft melancholy matures slowly
that once emblazed the black immensity
when the dainty streaks of light
herald the beaming yonder's knight
the cold hazy light dissolves the stars
seeping in through the earth's reservoir
into the ocean of green shrubs and trees
and a horde of butterflies and bees
the hills are drenched with crystal dew
then softly glow with flaming hue
when the first beams of dawn 
repaint the earth's cocoon
the sleepy mountains' crest
serenely swim out of blue mist
greeting the royal sunbeams
with jolly bird's cheers
the morning beauty liquifies
before my thirsty eyes
as the splendid spectacle
embrace my captivated soul
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