Other Poems by:

Prescott Johanson

Family Pain

Filled with intelligence
but couldn't keep from dying quick
I understand life is sick
but I think it can be fixed
I pray for those God opposes
cause they can't hold their post
A deer in headlights froze
they just can't cope
Can't dodge the strife
and they got no hope
Feel they're only choice
is the nine or the rope
Cause life isn't fair
innocence is so rare
You lose both your parents
but your life is spared
Then one night you take it
click, boom, forsaken
Fall asleep eternally
and won't waken
Just a quiet, die trying type
that couldn't get it right
Tried to numb your mind
cause you couldn't win a fight
So afraid to die sick
so you just click, boom
through, problem is
you left to soon
But I hope you find it
when you get there
Find your parents 
caring for each
Sharing the kind of peace
no one can teach
Try to reach
but no-one can siege
Hope you find you soul
is free and bold
Warmed up by karma
no longer cold
Nobody farm ya
nothing is sold
Nothing alarm ya
nobody folds
For now we got this casket
and this hole
Day after day we toil
until it's our time to go.

Looking for Hope

You don't know
what it's like to be beat
You only know
how to kill in the streets
and sell drugs to the freaks
We're trying to find a
higher conciousness
In this world
on to the next
We all got good souls
so lets teach the kids
Cause the prophets never intended
a world like this
A rising wave
lifts every man
so be polite and give
Every human is a brother
so find the best way
for us all to live
We're trying to find
a new way to think
brain drowned in drink
Many challenges ahead
we cannot shrink
Standing on the brink
all we can do is save today
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