Other Poems by:

Dr. T Ashok Chakravarthy


When the moon
Showers its moonlight,
When the stars
Peep through the skies,
When the clouds
Race one after the other,
When the buds fragrant
Bloom with deep delight,
When the chill breeze
Toss waves of fragrance,
When the serene lake
Hugs the moon and stars,
When the nocturnal birds
Tirelessly dance with joy, 
When the love-lorn ones
Soak in nature’s splendor,
When the universal creator
Spellbinds the mankind
Isn’t there a scope yet?
To positively untangle 
The negative tendencies 
And ceaseless delusions
Under the influence
Of the marvelous nature.
Caught up in the whirlpool 
Created by own chaotic mind,
Let us all effort to cultivate
The tendency of self-realization;
For the human mind spins
Incredible thoughts of greed.


Promise, if love begins with me 
I shall quench the thirst of needy.
Promise, if love begins with me
I shall feed the starving orphans.
Promise, if love begins with me
I shall provide succor to the poor.
Promise, if love begins with me
I shall provide refuge to the deprived.
But, how can we retrieve love 
That’s caught in the vortex of “wars”?
Love, on the verge of extinct
We, poets and messengers of peace
Swear, should come together
To soothe the tone of conflicts,
Dispel the ferocity of destructions
And swear to save the Mother Earth.Y
es, now at least.... 
Let us pledge to impart “Love and Peace”
Which unfurls a delight-filled vision;
Yes, hold aloft the flags of love and peace
And swear to stand firm in this endeavor.


Past, into bits 
Got shattered, Y
et occupy my mind.
They stoke the flames
Filter the thoughts
Detaching them
And re-attach them
With the past and the present,
The present and the future. 

In the fleeting moments
Of the humdrum of life
The journey
Towards serenity
Seems a mirage,
An oasis of imagination.
Who would upon me
But bestow
The elusive fortune
To get enlightened. 

Mind gets dampened
Bosom aches with pangs
Stirred ….
Thoughts enkindle 
The light of realization;
Now at least
There’s a scope 
To apprehend …
That the wealth
The kith and kin
Are momentary relations.
Yes, awake and arise
Oh ego-bloated humans
Try to explore
The dazzling light
Of immortality
Hid behind 
The unending warfare
Of desires and illusions.
**Copyright 2007 Dr. T Ashok Chakravarthy, all rights reserved Send us your comments on this article
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