Other Poems by:

Peter Tetro

Metaphysics of Sex

An ancient pillow book


wisdom in its pages


text from genesis

                    (dream rib)

actualized together

humans of Creation

leaving all else behind

                     alone now

penetrate the metaphysics

                     they will find


in that brief time partaken.



                    to hide 

frantically flip the pages

try to reconnect 

           or re-don the fig leaf?


Return to the every day

                  each more than

what they first envisaged

in each the other-than-I

together composing the ‘I’

that greets the ‘Thou’ of All

                     to unashamedly

pronounce their commitment.


“I do!”



Words that are the wand

          parting the daily seas

reach shore dry footed

          hand in hand

towards the milk and honey

          manna when hungry

ten simple tenets

         etched in granite.


“I do!”

removing all angst and guilt

                  trysts guaranteed

preserving sexual energies

to reproduce


        nothing to hide

alone together

the very wine of Cana


                     with age.


The ring of that “I do”

          is not the bond

          it’s the daily practice

          of their unison

the memories

         the renewed thirsts…

for which they must make time

for it is their cosmic prayer


through the very act

linking past to future

            pillow book at their side.

Sacramental Shield

For those seconds

                 perhaps prolonged

at the moments of orgasm

                the universe is put on hold

mind, body, psyche and soul

                infused with a single purpose

make the world’s spin stop

                while balanced on the tip

the penis head within

                clitoris exposed, engorged

as the two

                engage in fusing intercourse

one to the other

                pelvic thrusts propelling

compelling beyond disruption

                in those climactic moments

scientifically catalogued

                measured physiologically

                          uncharted metaphysically.


The wall between earth and eternity

pierced and breached

past and future frozen in the present

the essence of existence

reduced to this one Adam

                     this one Eve 

two consenting beings                       

within their time and space

beneath all of Creation

exercising their free will

while the powers 

                          of both Heaven and Hell

find room between the two

                          pressed together as one

                                      naked, exposed

to their entry vying

the very essence of that Mystery

                          revealed in their senses.


In those freely chosen moments

both are completely vulnerable

lest one or both are holding back

settling for the mere physical

refusing or simply ignoring

the mutual giving and receiving.


Vulnerable to all that is, was and will be

and as humans

                       not yet deities

though reflective of the image

a shield is required

diaphanous so they can see 

                        within themselves,

of steel to hold the tides

prepared to also penetrate

                  therein conceive

                  apples to be eaten

return them

                  into their past


deny their sacramental innocence

                  purchased in the “I do”.


Without that sacramental shield

                 to protect their innocence 

sex becomes an allegoric

  ‘proffering of the apple’

      genesis rooted in the garden of Eden

the slithering hiss attending.


Sex opens mystic gates

its essence tasted in that moment


most powerful of human activity

demanding respect, trust 


to live out its promise

for sex has future written all over it.

Soul En-fleshed

You, precious woman

en-flesh my Soul

wondrous body beneath

the opaque sheer that veils

as you pass through light

hinting, teasing with the sight

my eyes slowly undressing

mind gleefully caressing

that beauty gliding gracefully beneath

clinging, unfolding gossamer sheath

hiding and then revealing

sealing and then unsealing

the form of my Soul, hidden

that your body’s bidden

me to visually embrace

you, your beauty full of Grace.


And, you’ll accept my ministrations

confident the impudent glorifications

will release and lighten my Soul

buried deep within your every fold

that will reach out and envelop,

within the passions that develop

the very essence of my being

my Soul

that in you I’m seeing.

Your Shadow

It's in Your shadow

that the window through

which you glow

is first seen

although we don't know

it is you

until later, much later

when in retrospect

it is grasped, seized

that the road traveled

when strewn with pitfalls

was negotiated


through the years

unconscious of the guiding hand

that held the light

which lit the path

that wound it's way

through our life,

that so thin slice

of existence

we are.

Reason for the Sin

Sin, that willful turning away,

is a powerful, pleasant opiate

that sneaks its way into the mind

if the body, psyche or spirit

have in its scheme been hooked,

where reason can, with a subtle shrug,

rationalize what it now can prize 

with eloquently crafted self-lies,

pleading with all the powers that be,

themselves concocted, within reason,

into a convenient judge and jury

that will be swayed to acquit:

            no need then to even submit

            technicalities, therein the wit

to exonerate the mortal stricken

and thus shielded, the errant human

need not change, amend or expiate

since reason’s given for the sinful state.

**Copyright 2008 Peter Tetro, all rights reserved
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