Other Poems by:

Patrick Irby

sometimes during the day I talk to owls

I don't believe in the devil
or the bible
I got marble eyes
and Iron skin
Sometimes I let my beard grow out
for the fuck of it
I got scars and tar stained fingers
old age expressions
and the ugliest face in town
I'm a loner whos not alone
and a thinker who never grows
tierd of dreaming away
I roll my own smokes
and piss on my staff infections
and sometimes during the day I talk to owls

Ugly Bird

I wish I was a bird
I could even be an ugly bird
I don't care
I'd fly with no worries
travel the world
no problems
no harrasment
or broken hearts
why does she do this
eating out my insides
driving me mad
and it feels right
I fell wrong
to not ask her
but It is wrong to ask
we could both get in trouble
and yet i write this knowing
the truth of life
I'm a branded man
doomed to repeated pain
I wonder how she feels
God kill me now

you compromise your essence

Your lies spill
to the floor
with lttle fragments left upon your grill
like chunks of puke, with sharp odor
you compromise your essence
you give in to the censor
you lie your liar's fragence
our childish love perfectly without order
dreams spewed out and thoughts givin wings
you told us your story of roaddog phantasies
bandits of the road
loners in small towns
leapin thru states like toads
searchin train yards for your sound
you bled into the night
you ragged it out with store bought rags
at 1st It was quite a sight
maybe that was our own  phantasies
to bury you out back
under the shitter's tastey treats
to treat you grand my friend
or whoever you really are 

Don't mourn me

when I die
do not mourn me
just laugh
and know
the true fact
cold as ice
rigged and sweet
like shards of glass
embedded in a cake
face down in a dumpster
know this one truth
God and I
shall box to the death
no rings no sport
and flesh
the heavens will bleed
red red rain
and you'll know
I setteled my score
so don't mourn 

I'm sick of being sick with love

Well God's gone and done it again
just when a man's heart starts healin
this women of uncontrolable beauty
sweet smile that softens life's hardships
I'm forgetful around her
I forget the pain
the past becomes meaningless
I strive to look better
But who am I kidding
even if she said yes
It be trouble still
already I fill the sharp glass
slicein and boucin
around my heart
I fell her kindness
simpleness and Romance
I long for our talks
But I'm a clown
Like GOD
though i try to make everyone happy
I'm sick of being sick with love 

this hell is all for me

The streets of Sioux falls
with the wind
kissing me all over
feeling me up with loneliness 
my shoes fit the pavement
the side walk
the stairs
as if this hell
is all for me
no drops this time
no bottles nor cans
to ease the pain
pain from head to toe
tears crystallized in ice
pierce my skin
the lights all lit up
for the carnival
the big act is approaching
the end is not near though
she tricked me
left me
cheated me
I bet she has blue eyes
everyone is gathering
there's chaos in the air
you can't die tonight
you can live forever
the main act shall begin in a short while
but the pen dies 
and is reborn with force
take your seats
get out your snacks
the curtain has risin
so how does
your movie go?
is it happy and cheery
or is it like this
alone in a one bedroom boarding house
no money no lover
no pillow
afraid of night and of light
and the gun you bought
for the blue moon halo
is a piece of shit
click click click
the sun rise's click
the cars honk
the women laugh
click click click
the world works in it's mysterious ways
plantin pain and love
which do you have?

was Hamsun ever this hungry

As the day dies
Some workers do aswell
as others prepare for 3rd and 4th 
a blue flower
frozen to the ground
stands still with time
empty beer bottles
outnumber the ghost
huanting hobo jungles
heros and Revolutionaries
play spades and bones
in lockups and prisons
Beethoven reeks havoic 
upon stereos
Dreams and Paper
and as the dayends
Ifind my self alone
caught between past and future
observing the tactics
of unknown creatures
was Hamsun ever this hungry

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