Other Poems by:

Nina Greene

The Peers

Looking at their scathing faces
the intimidation sets in
it's an excruciating experience,
was I the same back then?

The look of horror and skepticism protrudes
I feel it coming on now
My pulse races, my hands shake
and here we are face to face

This is the welcoming of my younger peers
Is this how I acted in those years?
The thought of it disturbs me
that's not who I want to be

I wonder what they were thinking?
Since I was on the stage of judgement
how was I perceived in their light?
Brings an awful pang of fright

For in my mind I was afraid
of what they might say
as my back is turned away
"What an awful sight-what you're doing in life"
the thought arises-
But how are you better?

Are you better because you're younger?
Just starting out the years
it almost brings me to tears
and resonates the fear-
Did I choose the right career?

How are we supposed to know
the path that's right for ourselves?
It's a disturbing recognition
that I'm not in the right place

No state of grace lies here
and I realize the true fear
of not knowing my own destiny.

Tired of Hiding

I don't want to lose myself at the
discretion of someone else.
Please don't let me fall into that trap.
We all need happiness; let's stop
kidding ourselves and start fighting for
what we believe and want.

I've never cried so hard; never been 
touched that deeply. It's amazing
what the human life can do to a person
And yet I feel weak for letting
something get to me so. A weakness
that no one can understand because
it wasn't their moment.

Why are we so afraid of tears?
why does a natural human emotion
have to be hidden; it's an embarrassment
for others to see, yet we've all
experienced it at some point in our lives.
It's as if we're frightened to let go
and live our lives to the fullest.

I'm tired of hiding behind myself;
thank you for letting me see the light.
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