Other Poems by:

Natalie Holder

Night Beach

Palm fronds brustling in the wind
The moonlight reflecting off the waves
The sand grazing my toes
The soft salty breeze washing over
My bare arms
My hair windblown and wild
The night air-serene and magnetic
The abandonment of all inhibitions
Feeling Invincible
and     Exhilarated

As Simple As That

A single truth is worth
More than a thousand sorry's
A single smile conveys
More than words can say
A single kiss from you
Weakens my knees
A single look from you
Melts my heart


    Why, in this world
do we hate each other because of
the color of our skin?
    Why, do we kill each other
because of our religious beliefs?
    Why do we allow female babies
in India and China to be killed
for the simple crime of genetics?
    Why do we compare ourselves
to everyone else? 
    Why are status symbols
valued so much?
    Why are we so fickle
    Why is proffessional success
so often a priority over
personal fulfillment?

Lost Love

I love you so much
It hurts just to think of your name
Whether near or far from you,
The feeling is always the same
How I long for you to hold me
In your arms and kiss me
Until eternity,
But I know it will never happen
For now she has taken you 
Away from me
My tears fall plentiful every second
As my heart and soul
Have not the strength to stop them
Come back!  Come back!
These words scream out in my mind
My soul is in constant unrest
Until you come back to me
I shall grieve

No Title

Trapped inside a vacuum
Held back by factors
Beyond all control
Expected to follow
Conventional rules
Breaking the mold
Setting my own standards
For perfection
Because everything is not
Sugar coated
And only I can judge
What is right for me
So forgive me for rebelling
Because you don't control me
Neither does the system
So I choose to be my own guide
Stumbling along the way
Creating my own destiny

If Only

If only I could be eloquent and articulate
If only I could always say the right thing
If only I could stop traffic
If only I could let go easily,
If only I didn't Procrastinate
If only I could get my act together
If only I knew what was right
If only for a moment
Could let go of these wishes
and turn them into reality
If only I could stop
second guessing myself.
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