Other Poems by:

Missy Bickel

Pen's Write

Scribbling furiously my nib takes flight. 
Snap, tapping, motion of fluid release. 
Words gather quickly preparing delight. 
Rasping pen echoes, announcing increase.
Out spoken decreases intended bite, 
disquietly creeping intrusive views. 
Impairing motion of pens truest cite, 
leaving me waiting your harshest reviews.
White pages darken with growing word fights. 
Dueling lines pleading for dominant space. 
Once chosen, dipped ink, is set to new heights. 
Showing no evidence of struggles trace.
When all agree, ink, pen, paper and I, 
what challenges come I'll defend or die.

Poetry inspired by Carl Sandburg


Yesterday walls were


Doesn't matter much, that memory.
Even if people were screaming and running in the streets.
                                                                                 That was yesterday.
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