Other Poems by:

Milagro E. Rodriguez

I Can Show You

I can take you to a place
Where most people couldn't survive
And most people try to leave
Because if they don't they may die

I can take you to a house
Where poverty is easily traced
A smile is a rare thing,
On anybody's face
Even the children don't enjoy being a kid
They don't have a childhood so to speak
And most people fight or do drugs
Cause most people cry until they fall asleep

I can take you to a street
Where you can hear a woman scream
And the children hate their fathers
Because he beats them until they pee
Where it's hot in the summer
And in winter it's like ice
Where you fall asleep in the same clothing
You woke up in, so you won't die at night

I can take you to an apartment
Where discipline isn't a 15 min time out
Where your ashamed to go to school
Cause a weightlifting belt blacked your eye out
Where you watched as your siblings cried
And were beaten, then left aside,
Until the blood under their nose dried

Where a rose was supposed to
"by all means" bloom
But instead grew thorns instead
Along with deep seeded wounds

When most kids are asleep
Your up praying until five
Hoping the pain would stop
And you can watch the sunrise

I can take you to a place
Where suicidal thoughts once raced
Through minds like electricity
 Where your surrounded by drama,
Pain and misery

I can give you directions
And just hand you a map
Let you know each and every room I stayed in
And how I never want to go back
I know these addresses and I know the back ways
I know this because these are places I used to stay


Some people just have nothing better to do.
They hate themselves and so they hate you too!
But don't take it personal and don't get blue
Some people keep it real, while others haven't a clue
But those who hate are so quick to smile and act fake
Pretend to congratulate and where a mask on the face

If they're ugly and your not then they're jealous
If they try to holler and you say no they get pathetic
Its funny but then its really not, cause once the hating starts
Its like a snowball effect it never stops

White men, black men, hispanic men too
If they are insecure then they have to hate you too.
White woman, black woman, Asian woman may
Hate on you in the morning then love you the next day

Is it just my imagination or am I just crazy
Cause I didn't even know a man and he called me lazy
Said I was high yellow and thought I was all that
But the truth be told, I didn't even know the cat
Which just makes me come to a conclusion and maybe a fact
Or maybe its really a question that I want to ask
If I'm getting hated on so much
Then is it ok to hate back?

Fearless Heart

I thought my first love was something special
Until you came along,
They say love is better the first time,
But they were all wrong
Cause everything I do,
I want to share with you now,
And everyone I see
I want to tell I'm with you now.

My friends don't understand what I'm going through
They see I'm missing and blame it on you.
But no-one can make time fly like you do
And no man can make me cry like you do
I'm not afraid like I used to be,
You owe me nothing for the use of me,

I will be unto you as you are unto me
And if someone tries to hurt you,
Someone will experience misery,
Not to mention a lesson in history.
I will let no-one get away with disrespecting you,
Or stressing you
Cause if I'm not protecting you,
Then I'd be neglecting you.

Let my heart warm you with kindness
And love, all praises to the one who put us together
His almighty above,

Who has showered us with
Confetti made of love,
Raindrops made of kisses
Blessings and best wishes.

I fell free, I've let go
And I can fly
My heart is now fearless
With you by my side.
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