Other Poems by:

Matthew Anish


We now know that 
the clock will 
soon strike
We know that our 
our eyes are full 
of fire
Yes, and we will 
Begin to chant 
when the hour strikes
If you do not 
care for things that grow
Then you will 
make light your enemy
But if you are
in tune
with the natural 
You will begin 
to laugh once more
taste dawn 
when it shows itself 
in the 
brillant colors 
which light up the world 

New Year Reflection

As a bright sun
    shines in the frigid 
Taste the flavor
      of the day!
Shadows eventually 
bring dark night
    but we will persevere
           we must 
watch the dance
    before it changes 
  Love from the 
  green things 
struggling in the
allow for a 
    different interpetation
of Mother Nature
than that we have known
I don't forsee 
 We will 
feel the sun's light
    in our bones
before dark shadows 
    swallow us all

Arms and Legs

 Shining Visions
 Let us taste
 the waters
 of the hidden fountain
 move in time 
 to the year\'s heartbeat
 Only one dance
 only one dancer
 Let\'s not forget 
 what we once 
 Have you seen the 
 lights from our rooftop?
 They are dancing in 
 the sky
 We are all creatures 
 moving about on a 
 small planet
 Before we perish 
 Let us drink in 
 joy from the fountain 
 of life
 Let us learn what 
 we must know 
 Before we go 
 on that journey
 from which there is
 no return 
 Leaving behind 
 only small footprints 
 in the sand
 which are soon washed 
 away by the waves
First published in Poetry Soup

Movements as a Distant Sun

Far out in the cosmos
A cloud of gas 
Has become a sun
On earth we watch it's movement
We consider the distant star
Have civilizations grown up there?
Have other voices lifted in song?
Light - years seperate us
From that distant system
What can we know of them?
Travelers on another sprhere
And what do they know of us?
Are they peering out at our world?
Through the immense darkness
What do they think of our creations?
Are they indifferent?
Content to be observed
And never casting an eye
Upon our precarious 
(first published on the Poetrysoup.com website)

Electrical Dream

Songs arise from 
           the ground
  Eyes which have 
known sorrow
          are quite delighted 
by the waves of white 
  billowing forth from 
the earth
      You can touch these 
       as they wrap themselves
around you
      Didn't seem to know
which way to turn
     for a while there
  But the earth itself
      holds answers
    Shining moon above
provides all the light we 
We can read the runes
     which have been carved 
into the mountainside
      Eerie feeling
            when the ancient world
comes to life
       Our ancestor won't forsake us
    Lift up your head!
    Sing the electrical dream!
There is nothing herewhich will prevent you 
        from moving 
  towards the sky
as you voice cuts through
 the clouds above 
  you'll be lfted into an 
    electrical dream
Don't worry about the consequences!

Dim Glow in the Distance

   the night 
plays its tune
  as we experience 
    the darkness
But then a dim glow in the 
                 catches our eyes
  What are we to make of 
       this vision?
    Does it mean we will
be released from the zombie grip 
  we have known?
     We walk towards the dim
    with faltering steps
   The night doesn't seem so 
  cold now
 the glow of a lantern
     warms us
    Every dark night
            comes to an end
   look towards the light
however dim it may seem
     You will be guided homeward
at long last  

From the 
most remote corners 
of the Milky Way
cosmic friends greet 
    Let the stars continue to 
We know now that we have friends in distant solar systems
   All we have to do 
 is look up at the night sky
  and open our minds and 
hearts to the universe
Starlight at night 
Brings joy
    Knowing we are not alone
Brings comfort
   Reach out to your 
brothers and sister on different planets
Don't miss your opportunities 
   A kiss on the solar wind
speaks volumes
    Our paths will intersect soon
We travel with hope
Ours is not the 
   only orb
blessed with life
When the
            dreams of our race
             meet the dreams of
another civilization
     then wonders can occur
leaving behind the petty 
problems we now face
  we shall send our ships 
       to greet 
those visitors
    learn(and perhaps teach)
what we must 


      Angel on my shoulder   
    The city is full 
of lights at night  
  Red - blue - white
Before sleep - reach out    
  and touch the sky  
 above the asphalt homeland     
   Winter has spread her mantle 
of white on the metropolis     
   Yet the people still keep          
      moving and striving
Moving along highways and  
  even along backstreets 
 Striving to keep their 
"heads above water" 
 No easy exsistence here
the urban scene requires great 
effort on the part       
The struggles we know and
have known   
  Offer hints as to what 
the struggles of the future     
  will be
Let yourself be swept away
by the city's rhythms
A million eyes peer out 
into the shadows
A million voices raised in song
   the clear sweet voices
chase the ghosts of night     
   back to their lairs            
        We will have peace 

Arms and Legs

the crowds     
    on the city streets
life streaming by in the
heart of the metropolis       
     Your limbs must 
 if you are to  
learn the ways              
	  of freedom     
   Others will come to
 and the dance will 
   but now we can chant     
   and now we can sing         
     because we know
morning always comes again
and lights the way
for the urban masses 

No Apologies

     Rumor has it
that you write
     There are many
amateur critics ready
to put you down
     You don't have to 
        for your life style,
for your work
     for anything you do
When the summer begins 
    to die
Feel the winds of 
September in your bones
     Let your creativity
grow like a late blooming
     Now you feel 
only the wind
     It doesn't judge 
      It frees your spirit
from the stifling heat
     Let the sound of
Reach your soul
Pick up a pen
     Tell them your hopes,
wishes, dreams
Let the critics talk
You are the 
flowing river 
of magic words 

Flowering Gardens
   Walk amidst
The flowers
        Waves of bright
Color overwhelm you
            The air is redolent with their scent
The sun sends 
It's smile down to greet us
       Here in the garden one can
       Know peace
       Here in the garden 
       Life takes on a different hue
       The air is vibrant 
We meet
In this
Let's hope it's 
     For the
Last time

Left Behind

Colors of the 
   bleed into the landscape
the sun rises blood red
    the day's tapestry unravels
  we are caught unaware
by the ever changing 
   natural scenario
  Let's taste the delicous 
  Before we are left behind
     and the moon's face
appears once more
  challenging our assumptions
about life and      
   and a thousand 
    similar questions

Peaceful Resolution

Now we see 
    how the
     changes when 
we dance by the 
a symbol of 
     something that we should learn more 
  Doesn't it seem as if our lives
               are fleshed out
by the change of seasons
   by the winds - by the 
           pounding of the sea 


Psychic Song

A third eye will illuminate the path you\'ll follow 
   before you say good - bye 
to the cascading waters
        of life
    and face
         the inevitable darkness
let your psyche 
        be touched 
  by the effervescent 
     at the core
   of eternal

From the Shores of Evermore

    As the light
      on Tolkiens
Middle Earth
      A well - known 
thespian steps 
We dance underneath 
    starry skies
ply their wares
wait below
    "What lovely maid awaits thee"
as an elder of my family once said
        Dawn is here 
and dawn remains
    let us know what we shall know
  "Incense and Peppermints" 

The Dawn is Here

       The dawn is 
Let's move into 
   the future
            and walk by
the sea                

Sexual Games

    Behind the 
     Well just look at beauty
     Only a page in a magazine
         but fantasys 
ignite like flame
   on a hot stove
     Even as we force ourselves
        out of bed in the 
     We see where the dance lands 
     but really - we must prepare ourselves
    for a dance 
which will be performed 
   in a circle 
  amidst shouting 
and tears

Molto Allegro

   The music
      we were 
lost for a moment 
we saw someone 
    a tune
       A long while 
      I saw the sun turn blood red

Before Dawn

   Passing by
the junkyard
  we stop for 
a moment and then 
proceed onto a 
    hidden street
You won't catch me with my eyes full of 
Joy may eclipse 
   the sorrow we've known
we'll see if 
     the dark angel
has something in store for
     let the deep recesses of our 
     capture golden
         before we 
are blown away 
    by the winds

Sunny Climes in the Distance

    Down the 
road of time
    many vistas 
come into view
Many kingdoms 
  rise and fall
Yet the urge 
to seek a sunny, 
    peaceful realm    
   throughout the 
    We all seek 
     But the past 
teaches us
           that distant, beckoning realms
    seem less peaceful 
as we near them
    Yet we travel 
     Our eyes have 
not lost their 
    and our small castle of  hope
    stands despite
the rough tide
    which constantly
threatens it's existence
    Echoing through 
the years
    Our shouts and tears
are blown away
    by the winds 
of forever
    Distant realms
call us down
the road
    The journey is 
the reality
    which we all face
The path is for our small steps
    Against the odds 
we march
     Against doubt and 
    Our trip continues 
A thousand dancers 
watch us
    and rejoice

The Beginning

As questions 
rise from smoky 
we wait
as we watch 
   clouds form over the
Where one million 
teardrops have
Yet the dawn 
  always comes
This time - after the rain
Rainbows dance 
in the aftermath 
of the storm
A prism 
         lights our 
  to a newer, 
better life
        fields of golden grain
and our path
        becomes clear
         in the multi - colored 
gift from the sky

Towards the Sun

Watch the clouds 
dance overhead
         feel the cool air 
on your body
see the mountains and valleys 
let's not miss the new 
conjunction of the moon and stars
Move like a comet hurtling through space!
    See the verdant earth for what it is!
a home for the 
                     flora and fauna
of our time
you'll find that the darker 
       is something to
contend with
        if  the seasons 
are to change
    perhaps - just perhaps 
we'll ride the tide safely 
    and feel the touch of fire

Ghosts of Another Age

Just a moment 
just a hint 
     of what has been
    Just a song
just a tune on the wind
    if you wish to 
recapture it
you'll find it will 
slide like sand through your fingers
    taste the mystic night
feel it in your bones
    Can you
     the mystery?
    if you search long
and hard
    in the hidden places 
of the world
     you may find the 
     to your questions
No easy road ahead 
   of you press on, stranger
       through the mists 
of time itself
    and watch as it changes 
   "frame by frame"


The Dying Poetess
    Her laughter 
is barely heard
    in all the 
   she will take her poems 
    to a better place
           The autumn night
   is cool and clear 
    she has 
managed to eke out a few lines
        the moonlight shows 
the lines of age 
on her face
   but strength remains
       in her eyes
this then is the 
   last we will hear from her
   in the distance a 
melody sounds
    and the music morphs into words
in our minds
   what will be the last word she utters?
       A soft voice whispers:
                                           you'll find
                                           peace - peace
                                          at journey's end
such are the 
last words of our esteemed poetess

While you Watch the Dance

It seems that 
            fresh taste of water
is about all we can expect 
dying year
     No new hopes
They've all been 
                   still born
Let the old year
   with the
Don't worry 
  for very long
For there's a new year in the offing
Filled with sex and candy
   magic and spices

Reflections of a City

       Late at night
traffic moves on
    the expressway 
auto lights refracted 
into a million slivers
Crescent moon in the sky
    Our mood
 changes with the weather
At night, before sleep
    questions arise
look up at that crescent
    moon - imagine Diana in
her glory
    We moderns don't
think like that
When you consider what 
we've gained - remember what we've lost
    traffic rushes
throughout the entire
as we wait for dawn
       to extend her bright 

Spilled Wine

    Touch the magic wand
    be transformed into something new
    Feel the lights 
    enter your brain
    No, I don't ask for much
    join me briefly, on this wine - fueled journey
    One thousand dances
    one thousand lights
    Let the fires give off smoke
    it needn't bother us
    Let the moonlight
    dance across your visage
    Don't stop the rainbow
    until you've seen the other side
    Catch dawn and feel cool winds
    blowing, blowing - just for you                  

A Time of Wonder

         a change 
on the pattern
      of life
    easy winds in
the A.M. 
       new hope
    the gray days
are fading 
are blown away
heats the land
      Green grass beneath
your feet
        "the stuff 
of might legends"
as the professor 
once remarked
              A bird flying overhead
                                gazes down
on the village
      the village 
becomes a shrine
     and early morning
      Through our prism 
we gaze happily on
    the tranquil scene
    Let's not forget
    to see what we
and experience 
        this day
each of us in his
or own unique way                

Second-Hand Solution

easy to rely on precise measurements
Much more difficult to grasp the unknown
Much more difficult to feel the darkness in your very bones
In the distance
small lights
pierce the shadows
Where does the wasteland end?
Poetry gives one power to "deny the things"
Is there poetry in your heart today?
Let it come forth!
before we are ruled 
my cold unfeeling metal
and before the wheel of time 
grinds out poetic selves
to dust and we are caught
between the "taxicabs of absolute reality"
And the hard stone 
Of the asphalt homeland

Watching and Waiting

     Carrying a 
dying torch
     to the end
she makes her 
    the weather 
outside is 
     cold and rainy
but she feels 
     she must go on
if there is even
    a chance
of the fire
    glowing again
      she feels she must not betray
her friend
    But the rain
lasts a long time
   And the wind 
chills her bones
       Facing loss she
       cannot decide
which way to turn
     The dream has
become the dreamer
   Another night
will pass
a whiff of smoke
rises in the air 

Golden Visions

show us 
as it should be
  Cascading colors 
   circling clouds
            full of life
Join us on
our magic carpet
   we\'re leaving 
   the golden shores
Come with us on 
  this adventure
       a million snowflakes falling
    and a light 
to steer our way
  Together we walk on golden shores
    We ask 
for little
    but we\'re 
     A cornucopia 
awaits us at 
      the end of the 
   we continue 
to live in the present
   But our eyes are ever turned 
towards the glorious 

Surging Energies

 Late at night
something grips me
   no, I won't ask for relief
         not until morning comes
  with it's bird calls, smell of coffee and 
gleaming sunlight
     Night flies 
       and the days turn - calendar real
   let the ashes of the fire smolder for 
  a little while longer
   perhaps, just 
       we'll see them 
glow again
     The clouds above 
form patterns as
  they are blown 
by the wind
Can we once
more feel the 
warmth of a crackling fire?
    With hope in our eyes
we stir the embers
  as our ancestors did 
    in ancient 
woods long ago      

The Stone Man

Carved out of the 
red rocks
Almost seems alive!
The Stone Man
seems to arise from sleep

tens of thousands of years ago
he walked the earth
made flint knives, killed saber - tooth tigers
now he's immortalized in a stone foundation
The tide of years
presses foward relentlessly
and it seems that the sculpture will soon be washed away

Yet this sculpture remains
of our forebearers

The wind, sun and rain
have joined together 
to create
the likeness
of someone who departed 
years ago

Shall we be preserved in this way?
Will we be rememberd ages hence?
The wind howls through
the cracks in the rock
and it speaks of the future
in a tongue the earth understands 

Master of the New Game

Over the city
a bright winter sun
but under the clouds
things happen
Yes, beneath snowy clouds - pedestrians,
cars, cats and dogs
move in time
to their own rhythms 
the sunlight is dancing on the clouds
Below we all move in space
Frosty air brings out the 
best in us
Millions seek warmth
It's a long trip home
but while the sun shines
we still have time to make it
let's not give in 
to the dark ages
we'll fly more freely
when the time comes
if we listen to
what dances in our hearts
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