Other Poems by:

Mark Gaudet

A Quick Fix

2 AM
feel like
a short
2 cans of
mini sized meatballs
with pasta rings
devouring it down
I suddenly realize
the beer is
not fully digested
moments later
spews from my lips
into the crapper
on my knees
head in the toilet
with the stench of stale beer
and rotten cheese
I start to realize
this is not what
I had in mind


Mark Gaudet was first published at the age of 15. A lover of free verse his two 
major influences are Charles Bukowski and William Carlos Williams. 

His poetry has appeared in  journals in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada, 
including  the hold, Magpie's Nest, Talväipivänseisaus Specials,  3Cup Morning,
 Zygote in My Coffee, Children, Churches and Daddies, Remark, S.S.O. Press, 
Slow Train, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, The Beat, Thieves Jargon, Unlikely 2.0, 
Smokebox, Sweet Magazine and LitVision Magazine.

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