Other Poems by:

Mariana Furlin

Untitled 5

perhaps one so translucent 
desires to pierce you who
dazzled her by ocean dance
her concrete embrace is 
how she blinds all men
but baby
go home to the beach
it's magic has centered for 
an eternity

Untitled 6

why linger in this game
I know about his worry
it can ice you over
would you will the fever 
upon her heart?
let her go
before too long she is hard
and dying
soon it is all poisoned

Untitled 7

it's how she 
makes you laugh
that made you
want to be turned on
sensual and brilliant
call it feeling, or instinct
it lets you know immediately when
something is right
slightly unexpected
trust your senses

he looked and he lived again

the innocence that reminds us 
of the magical spirit
will leave you with
only the warmest memories

knowing is all

In a world where time moves
ever faster, we need things 
which preserve the moment

if you knew it, you'd do it

make my mornings sing
where to go?
see the glow
succumb to the romance

Untitled 8

Having the lush life
has a sweet ache. 
It is like poetry, 
sensuous and flowing,
timeless and 
hauntingly beautiful.
It's all about strength and beauty.
Treat yourself.
Believe it.

Untitled 9

if his self
is like hot caramel
I am liquid candy too
it would work
why is it
most ghosts seep 
and lie about
their notions
current things are up.

green says go.

Untitled 10

to linger in this
bathed in soft night
was for me but a breath
for there were cold clouds
surrounding we....
secret fever, as questions of me
bring some deep exploring
clean her eyes
open a window
drink in and color

Untitled 1

as shadows fall
my surrender begins
come lie in a dreamy moment
and dance deeply with me
here gentle morning vanishes
your warm breath murmuring
hurry love
the dark, it leaves

Untitled 2

perhaps cold words
pierce you
but he kills me
with an
easy translucent laugh
I am bleeding
broken and blue
but desire blazes
like a fever in my heart
celebrate joy and 
explore a universe of 
embrace eternity's 
secret dance
bring night and make 
my breath a rhythm

Untitled 3

growl animal after that
dark lingering circle
from down within
once put there by him
crank open the hard web 
and let go her hand

Untitled 4

with him it's always that 
which devours my brother
slowly but ferociously
she will bleed and kill
sacrificing the good heart
making the child a 
prisoner of her game
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