Other Poems by:

Manny Bas

Sun Burnt Mind

My brain has been sun burnt
Toasted by the beat down of influence
Finding truth today takes the patience of a hunter
Or better yet a miner, panning for nuggets of it from a rapid 
moving river

So, what do you want me to think?
And you, what do you say to counter it?
Anyone else have an opinion they want to pass on as fact?
I'm getting better at this game

So I should vote for this guy and despise the other
And I should listen to this song and buy the album
Probably practice whatever it is you preach
But my red-hued noggin loves a challenge

I'll hear you out, and do some comparison shopping
Does your diatribe come with a money back guarantee?
I'm not angry or offended by your agenda laden talk
I just see it for what it is, and swish it around in my pan
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