Other Poems by:

Lozi Bolton

Lychee Smile

In an evanescent scent you call me humble,
when lies upon your lips begin to fade.
Corrupt and insufficiance start to tremble,
gloom bakes the slumber,no one knows your name.

I call for back-up,
sip your sacred flask-
Do not deny my eyes and willow grin.
You paint another picture of my sorrow,
To masticate your memory of sin.

Toss and turn,
toss and turn.
A lychee smile is all i need.
In the night,
toss and turn-
pick pine cones as a pillow.

The by the by the bypath sits beside you.
(it never seemed to be that far away)
Pursuing empty thoughts that never rang true,
i kept my knowledge secret for that day.

But while the angry
burdens kept in tune,
i begged for freedom from that hollow smile.
Perusing perfect figures made from plastic,
That bought my savoury slaved heart-denial.

Toss and turn,
toss and turn.
A lychee smile is all i need.
In the night,
toss and turn-
pick pine cones as a pillow. 

Eye Transfiction

Your burning, somewhat glistening tears,
begin to kiss those dap-fine cheeks.
When all is lost,
I gaze at you,
Man, where'd you get that pinpricked pain?

Doubt me,
Hate me,
Masticate my every word.
I don't care, so long as my eyes can speak to you.
Let me know 
through solitudal wakenings,
that once you blink my dreams will die.

Opaque, adoring moony pools,
Diving in your very soul.
Their every movement clasping me,

I...s-stammer for a moment,
but try to speak.
My words are as taffy-stuck...stuck.

I wanted to say "I love you"
But you took those words away.

The Concert

The hat, lady tiebrace
above my thyroid smile,
Convinced that palms of silver pay,
my penance for a while.

My dutiful Cor Anglais finds a fault within the primate hoots,
that once were a blissfilled bubble of fruity notes.
ANd a fortunate fly passed by my brow,
which hummed to me
a productive sigh.

Wisty mercy,
complete the piece.
But don't remember to forget the dire,
straight beats of velocity.

The groaning Baton taps over gentle cracks,
but no turning back will ever change the menace
nor the flat tuning.

Green (i)

My beautiful colour, 
My very own to keep, 
To hold and clasp in my fist, 
To have for my very own. 
Wavering in the heat, 
My green. 
You wash the seas of night, 
And grow greener still, 
Lengthening my soul, 
Bemused at my simple love for you. 
Oh green, you astound me, 
I know not what you want, 
But all I know is that you are so lovely. 
You paint the trees and grass alike, 
You pave the fields with a rusted gold, 
I am forever in your debt, 
For awakening the nature, 
And similarly, 
Lulling it to sleep. 

My lush green, 
You find ways of which I know not. 
You send patterns of my life into everything that grows. 
Don't ask me to explain why I love thee, 
Because I know a thousand of my words, 
Could not compare to your beauty. 
Kiss the untouched wood, 
With your examples of holly, 
And let red dot you, 
(so as not to brag). 
Litter the rooms of the world, 
Keep them and watch them, 
Silently I know you plan their destruction, 
Growing ever stronger and willingly, 
But that is your way green, 
I know it. 
Show the mere mortals, 
Show the pinks and purples, 
Boast to yellow and orange, 
But keep friends with blue, 
For she is also sacred. 
You have known this forever. 
She paints your heart, 
She fills the sky, 
And darkens at night, 
But you are eternally gazing at her, 
For she is good, 
But remember, oh green, 
How you were young once, 
And had no need for blue, 
Or her of you. 
So we shall wander off together, 
Through the rustic farmlands, 
Over hill and dale, 
'til we cast a spell o'er the earth, 
And your presence is known by all. 

The Ballad of Green (ii)

When Green caressed the ribbons of it's dream,
the only beauty it could paint was false.
It's undulated soul became obscene,
Corruption, emminent, became the norm.

As death and life came closer,
love drew near.
And ever silky, ever velvet sigh.
The bask of Green's eternal, neversleep.
Was interrupted, here and now, but nigh.

The golden-gilded gates opened like hell,
but Heaven's collective music kept Us well.
For only in the dusk did Green elope,
and lived again,
lived again,
to roam once more.

The Death of Green(iii)

As the sodden pages unfurled,
My weeping fingers grasped Green's once healthy tendrils.
And nights silken-flavoured air,
Set in Navy. Black. Silver,

Green, how could you fade?
Green, how could you sleep?
As your delicate, evergreen filigree died,
I knew you were never fully alive.

What was once a blossoming fir,
Became now a dense, rotten, pungent stench.
Smothering every other living thing,
You devoured blue,
Who you once adored.

You crept up and stabbed your purple friend.
Why, Green, why?

It was either me or you, Green.

The superficial light that you gave off,
Came not from the heart,
But from the glow of your devil eyes.
Your corrupted figure.
An everlasting, 
ever dominant, 
nodule on the side of white's petals.

Her weak, docile frame
Burdened by your viral scent.

Oh Green, you astound me,
I know not what you want,
But all I know is that you are so lonely.
You painted trees and grass alike,
You paved the fields with a rusted gold.
Was I ever in such a debt to you as to stop your breath,

With death?

				Lozi BoltonŠ

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