Other Poems by:

Louise G. Crawford

Yiddishe Mama

Such a balabusta
I am
bringing this tin
of homemade cookies

More fodder for
your extravagant elucidations
your theoretical be-bop

Chewing them slow
you savor the X-ray view
swallowing the id of me

Flavorful, rich
Freudian frosting
Purveyor of
phantasmic erogeny
and childhood suffering

I whipped up these
mnemonics of small
sweet longing
in my hot basement kitchen

For your plaisir
and your analysis, of course

Sugar on your lips
you lean forward
eyes shut tight
receptor of
psychoanalytic radio signals

and riff radiantly on my
unconscious confections

Take them for what they are

my cookies
are yours

The Bronx

No blue embroidered prayer shawl to daven in
No kipah to cover your poet's skull

No fountain pens
or Bundist Bar Mitzvah pictures
to share with your thirteen year old boy

No challah, or phonetic Hebrew
for hungry blessings on Shabbas nights

Your parents were
going to change the world
with mortal hands and kreplach

"God is nowhere," they said
Zayde's tfillin locked away
with Russian shul memories
in the broom closet

But God was everywhere

Even on Yom Kippur
when you ate cheeseburgers
in the red communal cafeteria
of your trade union apartment building
God was loving each and every atheist in the Bronx
Especially you


It's a small death each and every
    Tuesday when I lose you
    to the buzzer at six p.m.

    You practically push me out the door

    No sun warms my refugee shoulders
    on your stone cold stoop
    Backwinded, struggling to regain buoyancy
    wondering which new port will receive my penury

    The dismal neglect of your half-drawn shade
    and your air conditioner's steadfast humming
    for the person who comes after

    Their spellbinding specificity echews mine

    If I go to Jack's I'll see my boy
    He always has enough time for me

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