Other Poems by:

Louie Levy


America -

for pilgrim sake and
land once of  'Native' soil

Allegiance pledged of
conquest gained, from
Earths borne spirits' bold.
America, Proud America
Our Earth need not be harmed 
When war tales are often told 
and blood  stained flags unfold
America, we Love thee -

of gifted Earth bequeathed 
Ne'er we forget democracy 
and those enslaved be free
America,  America 
May Peace and Love be our Quest
Of womanhood and  brotherhood, 
from shore to ocean sea.
Wherever Earth Be Shared
Support Peace !
Louie Levy
WW 2 Vet.

Thumbs Up For Peace

See me sad
Have me glad
Hear me ...
not all too soon
Life is here to play
Love has passed our way
Never will it stop
unless it's hitch hiked 
by our hearts
Backpack all our dreams
'Forget Me Not' their seeds
Plant some on the way
Love came by to stay
Bless our hands that plant
Eyes that feel to plow
Cultivate with hope
Tomorrows Sun will rise
for our gloomy nights surprise
Happily will clouds be overcast
Welcoming its fruitful rain to last
Blossoms will the smiley Sun reward
together will lost hearts  beat -  
love ever forward 
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up, 
Peace with thumbs UP !
Rally up our lonesome selves 
be hitched with friends -
all the world be of loving Elves

War will end its evil sound
with Loves ride upon Earth's
peaceful sacred ground 
Not all too soon to
heart pack and lease
Hitch we must ride for
Ever lasting Peace 
All together NOW ~
All together NOW ~
All together ....  
All aboard who's 
coming aboard
Peace right NOW !!!
Peace right NOW !!!
Ride for Peace 
Right NOW !!! 
Yes, John Lennon,
we hear what you are saying is,
"Give Peace A Chance"

Louie Levy
Your 'Beat'
6:07 AM 3/28/2006

Comments from Louie: 
However created, all life on Earth be faithfully loved.
Contemporary solutions for Peace are complex. 
Spiritually prescribed are lyric prosody in search of
 impassioned voices of love and empathy. 
Please celebrate this poem's debut here.
Together, with 'Thumbs Up For Peace', 
We can and 'Will Voice' it to happen, 

'For our All Mighty Love for it, 
please let it be, Now ! '

* Readers; I've just made an exciting discovery, all because I looked further into the magic of my computer screen. Who would know, being of such limited acquaintance to this evolutionary conTRAPshun. Oh yes, how it can addict to a point of becoming, back sick, sore and near cataract blind. And; yet we learn to hunt, peck and tickle the keys, stimulating some weird electronic nerve endings at our brains command. All this, being a prelude to my creating my next literary contribution adding to the legacy of what I never would have dreamed to being ;


who are you ? just as you see me -
what are you called--- many by many things 
and by your own thing--- 'louie'
why louie--- how else than for Louis
why are you here--- why am I not
where have you been--- nowhere I can prove
why's that--- what proves anything
that we're all of human--- prove that
where have you been---where I can remember
what have you seen--- all that I've been
where are you going--- nowhere out of a circle
why's that--- around and not ending
what are your goals--- non to win
why--- losers win for themselves
how's that--- how's it different
how old are you--- how new are you
when were you born--- is when I was built
what year--- pick one and you'll be wrong
why the secret--- why need you know
are we not all of an age--- not of the calendar
then what--- that's the mystery that's no secret
what do you wish for--- are you a Genie
must I be--- yes if wishes are to be counted
then you have none--- none other than for 'Love'
why is that--- Love is my Genie
what's Love--- what is it not when it is
are you in Love--- never been out of it
with whom--- with itself
can it be with another--- yes when shared
can Love be abused--- never
please explain---Love is pure, without it is, abuse
where is Peace to be found--- where Love resides
where is that--- where hate is forbidden
why are there wars--- when we are without Empathy
and only that--- calling God 'Love' would help
please explain--- few would war Loves validity 
should you find heaven,  what would you say to 'Love' 
Heaven had been all ready found here on Earth.
Hell is what it will become if we are not to wish
for others. We are the 'Genies' able to grant for 
one another that which we pray for ourselves 
is that all there is to life---a thought to ponder-
'Within or Without, the answers 
are within us, Without Confusion.'
Louie Levy 

'A New World Melody'

We write the poems that - 
the whole world read
I write words that just
know their need 
Our faithful Sun 
will heal each day 
Children having fun 
out of harms way 
Need we change our minds 
with each fruitful season 
Love will guide ourselves 
without war and treason 
People are crying 
Our children are dying 
Our sons are suffering 
No longer home coming 
I wish to write poems that 
the whole world sing 
Brides that see Love 
with wedding rings 
Words that play and line 
dance in country fashion 
Healing all our wounds with 
Human Compassion 
People are crying 
Our children are dying 
Our sons are suffering 
No longer home coming 
Harmonize with loving empathy 
Help write the songs, 
help write the words 
Inspire we must write, 
'A New World Melody' 
There can never be war 
when hands are weaponless 
and all people embrace their 
families with loving tenderness 
People are crying 
Our children are dying 
Our sons are suffering 
No longer , home coming 
Peace can't be all that 
very far felt , when - 
'People Are People Who Care' 

Louie Levy 
 WW II Veteran

This offered Comraderie fund raiser Lyric 
is searching for a celebrity vocalist and music
 Copyright Louie Levy, USA
All rights reserved

Sweetly Silhouetted

	  this figured form eye view
	    impregnates my spirit
	      captures my mind
  satisfies my quest a shrouding veil of curiosity
      hinting urgency, smiling defiance

	 oh! the tease, 'tis unbearable
        to imagine, and no image revealed
                 only the loveliness of youth
                poised with curved breast and
                beckoning arm, invitingly ...

      implores all hearts, my own inevitable
            pray fate would not err, that
                which is loves destiny
          this vulnerable heart exposed, 
              in poetic prose, dreams
                 in restless repose

             awaiting to be embraced
              where love in darkness
        awaits the morning light of "Life"

                1999 ...louie levy 

Restless Holidays

without Peace for all saddens our abused Earth,
with reminders that we are all privileged tenants; all
are to feel the wrath of environmental fury being 
invulnerably Omnipotent over what seems to be, 
we the feeble, less than grandeur, human life.
Keep then spirit,
we are that, which
helps others who cannot.
Hell hath no fury like 
Earths unpredictable, 
predictable, scorn.
I am not of heart and joyful spirit 
as I look upon this new years celebration 
as one of selfish, assuring security 
I'm so very saddened and worry for us all.
Life that we've been given, may not continue 
Bearing the ravages brought upon ourselves.
Unreasonable suffering that must be mournfully 
accepted by all beings less deserving of. 
Family,  friends, we support 
your life rescuing efforts with
our love and generous aid forthcoming...
Please know that we all care.
'Love Helps Those who
 Love Themselves For Giving'

Love helps those who Love themselves for giving

	Let not woes or strife nor tribulation falter in 
	       the relation that ... ' We Are Life ' 
	     We resemble and assemble - 
        offsprings of generation, each of us a revelation 

         Composed in the universe its song of evolution 
                       We are but 'One' verse 
                 One of why we are gathered and 
                    why we are not to disperse 

                  Our cup of Love runnith over, 
                   filled on this day, together 
       with children and friends our hearts joyfully play 

         Beseech of the spirit, give credence to thought 
                    In Love we have gathered, 
                   with Love we are sought and; 
             from within are hearts-spiritually close 
                        We, are all Family
                        ...Louie Levy 2007
                              Ca, USA

                     Thanksgiving, loving days
                            1998 - Forever

Still ...

		 I will Love you still
	       when my Heart you cannot fill
	       Autumn leaves, leaves of Love
	         Blossoms, fragrant flowers,
	           Pure Heart - White Dove

	      Wintry winds ... eerie sounds ...
	        Clouds drifting , Sunless Sky
	    Trees as my Heart, barren of leaves
	        Summer awaits, Love sleeps

	     Shine bright Sun ! Cloudless Sky
	           Awaken ! 'Spring' of Love
	       Awaken our Hearts to Blossom

	        Leaves, as our Spirits Re-birth
	        Blossoms' immortal fragrance
	        Breath of Life, my Heart to fill

	             I will Love You, Still ...


	                 1990  Louie Levy

	 	       For Gloria

Discovering Louie ....

 is to find him in some hidden cavern, wall sculptured of dazzling aberrations.
 None of which, he will confess to being preposterous and, or of downside up 
  appearance, never having to bat an eye, nor the impersonation of other
                            than his own impropriety.
His having no qualms about uncensored literate perversion, the following poem 
   has resulted in his responding to experiencing various immortal effects.
  Combustibly brought upon by the notorious human male hormone. Further 
  compelling to fantasy , test drive.  Energy concern and in compliance with 
                                heart saving need limits.
  What with jeans now shelved in various Butt Gloved sizes and; teasingly,
   low cut, pull me down, hip snuggers are reaching daring depths for the
  emotionally fathomable. Concerns of those who dare estimate the styles
          effect; and the recurrence of the babe wetting boomed era?
  Prophylactic stylists are under way...Just off the draft boards; approving 
  are supportive parents, in denial of their own youthful promiscuity agree
   to large wide gem decorated hip belts be umbilical coverings and fancy 
  laced blouses reaching far beyond the view of insatiable, belly peeping, 
 dirty young men eyes. Oldsters, have long since not been on their favorable
  mating list. Once, vulnerably drawn to view the mid-waist frontal to the 
bun-some rear cleavage...Youths virile voices restrained, now inwardly shout,

Party Time Favors

       'Unfair, allow nature to take its own love seeking course!' 
 	      'Thongsters' of the 21st century.
	 Herewith, this bard of literate viewing audience 
	   applaud your defiance of ancient inhibition.
                                  Party Time Favors
           	          Where Dudes and Thongsters
           	      play their clues and pleasure up to
          	         what will get them down to the
                        spurring madness of sexual drive
      		   Focused pupils
      		 directive thoughts
          	       along the twin breasted canyon
           	           to the forlorne umbilical
     		 Womb felt passionately,
     		 its plea for fertility
    		       The dance has
        		      just begun ...
        	                2004 ...louie levy

Hey Readers !

This turned our to be what it is. It took some hours and personal insight. 
The poem was first written as part of some fore playing fantasy. Having 
to reflect what almost every female teasing has done for the sleepy male 
libido. Hmm, could there be a message for what's been  hampering the 
committed,  monogamous male performing art show ?
Consider all this rhetoric, and an exploratory voyage
unto an uninhibited realm of creative composure.
Strictly, metaphoric and un-indulging.
My theme may be expressed for peace but;
I intend to bring it to date,  w' stories that bring 
about immortal feelings left forebode, to waste.

Tomorrows Yesterday -

       has been the result of todays plan where
               the events of yesterdays
          greed continue to prey upon Peace, 
             Happiness and Immortal Love
        Human emotions will change or create,
             distract and attract, given
           the power to map for freedom or 
            wasted paths to enslaved doom.
       Lifes survival - the inherent behavioral 
   course of all specie. Prejudice, cultural clash, 
      festering from within, without empathy and 
    decency of moral doctrine. Such, will humans be
 fated to either perpetuate or terminate lifes survival 
    on saddened, abused, retaliated weathered Earth.
    The future will continue within its own plan and 
       none will edit its course without reaction.
   Prophet preaching will lead to disasters, motivated
 predictions of all wars and their eventual environmental 
  destruction and human annihilation. Less the aggressive 
    biological human male specie position for peace and 
   negotiation, brethren will ne'er be victorious, while 
     possessing the evil contaminate of human enslaving. 
   Thieving, Earth conquest and false condoning scripture
     Today, all peace loving youth must save themselves 
  from the warring plans of their fore-fathers and together
       unite loving hearts that breathe of empathy and 
        goodwill among Earths family of evolved life.
Only then will they mentor the antidote for the inhuman errors 
 of the past, and have the future nourish their planet as it
              was birthed and not plagued with 
       historical hate and mal led by all militant, 
	     evil and ignorant politicals. 
	      'Love, eternally created,
	      th' common denominator
	     for all fractions, celestially 
	       calculated for Peace'
                            ...Louie Levy

	         (c) 1/24/2006

Peace and Physics *

 A human-Birds eye view of  Peace 
Natural sciences of growth
Nature and possibly, contemporary -
Poetic literary Salvation ....
 Chartering discourse,  being briefed with miniscule definition, 
what with of the universe theorized to be and not, nor anywhere
possibly observed by the masters of Earthly science and or, of
astronomical dreamers. 
 Lay-person's opinion, night-marish of reality, fantasies of the 
here, now, after, and all the while Earth being in near total 
chaos,  pending  life's Armageddon and extinction.
 Count drowning for inner exploration, surf rocketing to the moon
Mans' out flown birds space view will have their curiosity diminish
existence by the mere numbers of human -

 'Actions to Earths Reactions'
 Man, their subservient woMan, 
preached religious sermon in control of 
Earths gullible guilt ridden family of massed brethren clergy
 Computed with infinitesimal circuited robotic response, 
feebly evolved to cognitively configure some phantom 
operational program yet to be 'Good Willingly'  written 
for Love and Peace ...
 All  the while;
 Wasting are questioned solutions for Peace and not War
 Wasting are un reincarnated lives loved and treasured
 Wasting are political leaders feebly depleting of negotiations
 Wasting are immortal virtues for Love and empathy
 Devastating are 'Mans' inherent obligation to youth 
to survive and protect their family tree of ever rooting souls.
 Intelligent braggarts falling prey to ignorance,  lacking
in the realization that human submission be not with 
self annihilation, pityingly, of their own wasteful 
coffined internment.
 The physics of what 'Matters' are most naively simple  
to define;  Life may calculate as a single atom losing velocity 
within its own imploding nucleus.
 Possibly, physics disproving that 'Emotion' lacks material 'Matter' nor
th' spiritual-ness of indefinable Love.  Faith, and the awakening of a 
nightmare that have inhumanly clouded Mans purpose on Earth
Assiduous are of another smatter to matter ever expanding and 
unwittingly , universally , minuscule.
 Students need search for that which has not been taught
Only their own self preservation will have motivated their 
victorious plight for peace and not war. 
 Human awakening, be that of
ill tiding,  best be waved .
 Peace prosody
 inviting harmony
 ...louie levy
 Authors note: This story like prose, came about after my listening 
to a one hour lecture on physics and how the subject relates to Peace.
Given by a brilliant PhD at a Peace gathering recently.  My never 
having formerly studied the subject, the following inspire just 
decided to become what I'm also still learning , a message at a time.
 * The science of matter and energy and their interactions.
 The physical properties and composition of something.

Peace and Mortality

Faith suggests that there be Peace and Love
that the living deal with their birthright in other
than warlike controversy. However, such has not been,
with history proving otherwise.
From within the indigenous conscience of human
behavior, there be intolerable differences
of religious and opposing, controversial faiths.
Just what are the solutions other than resulting in 
their self warring annihilation? 
The answers have hardly been clearly
given by scripture nor political government.
Countless martyrs for Peace and Love
have long since time, been assassinated, why?
Poetry, propagate feelings that often reach 
unfathomable depths to where empathy and decency
reside. Other than the Darwinian theory, has since become
a matter of DNA and helix programing. Earths cultured
creatures have been exposed of their predisposed 
behavioral programing.  near proven discovery.
Will the religious preachers update the Holy Curan,
and realize that 'Wholly' need be one of that which
offers valid solutions for Peace and not horrific war, nor
the prophesy of Armageddon?
There are no victories of any permanence 
for human kind, and; all of living organic substance
will perish, faithless, mostly in the minds of the male,
aggressive human specie.

This rather elderly author, well meaning to un-shadow
the future with the raising enlightenment of peaceful reasoning.
Make Love and not war, procreate for peace by the
sharing of Earths Generous Cornucopia. The infant, 
lame and elderly ask only for their meek share for survival. 
Wealth, spoils of war and death, are of  those
who greed, and salute to conquest banners
Falling as victims of their own mortality.
Decaying flesh,  hath no enrichment but for 
the impoverished, death seeking predators
motivated ... only for their own survival.
'Earth remunerates itself, unconditionally
Louie Levy

Political Suicide

Ready, ripe, are the fruits of evil
having seeded  dormant, mutant
Freedom from oppression
Depression and poverty
Ingredients for sociological disaster
Governments breed rulers, culturally prejudice
Nesting environmentalism gestational brewing
Population, outnumber, complication, statistic
Human pollution, extinction by sterilization
Communed Monarchs, Republics, and Socialist wit-lists
All of their own, common preaching, 
competitive power struggles, weapons pawned
Hail to creation, we've a nation to nurture
Cultivate the gifted and plow slaughter th' weed common
Inhuman plans for notorious victories
Life be likened, selfish 'Self'
where individuality becomes a carbon copy
Data, be the program for hosting 'War'
Glitches exist, eliminated
Abbreviate their robotic identities
Secret dead file, labeled, 'Objectionable'
Take to view an upside down cross, 
holding terror to a single post
Nail not hands, nay, legs of innocence
nor, barbed crown upon the temple, proverbially,
Brain stake all who preach of misled doctrines 
without ties, for lies, and; greed political agendas
Hell be that of all ill-mind spent
Erect that which banners that 
of 'Human' display
voice intent, without conquest
love without condition

Council with all that be Omnipotent
from within, and negotiate without weapons
that slaughter goodwill and 
result in political extermination


Can we share ones selfish pain 
with the wearing of purple
This, a sincere and empathetic gesture.
Emotions fathoms deeper, than our eyes view.
There's no greater loss, no more dastardly harm, inflicted.
No meaningless significance, the insanely inhuman evil, portray. 
We, are with anger, compassion and vengeance.
All these, not will misfortune, reverse.
In alliance, our spirit invulnerable, setting goals for a
courageous victory over tyranny, discovering the solutions for
everlasting peace and good will. 
Peace will prevail, historians have quoted wisely. 
No such profundity, by itself, will ring
forever true. 
Omnipotent Love, as is inherent to life.
The whole of its entirety, suggests a gathering for world unity.
Criminal terrorists, their submission, unfailing. An era of
human empathy and vigilance be our goals. Reinforced and
sacrificed by our heros bravery.
The world listens to cries and cries with relentless compassion.
Ribbons of empathy, turning to a glorious rainbow for peace. 

We need heed to our "Omnipotent" legacy,
ever guiding in our efforts.
Peace will have reigned, and forever kept guarded.
Holding within the boundaries of human decency,
securing our immortal love for a 
Unilateral, Universal Family...
 ...louie levy 

Love, Be a Spiritual, Living Revelation *

Earth hath no remorse for its own terror,
likened upon for the human drilling of its 
death laden black sap, making fools of their
feeble science, having done no more than
the atom denting of its crust...

Be they must, war, likened the lunacy of 
moon to play with ocean tide, lands belching 
of indigestion, puked upon all existing, 
showing no bias or prejudice from within its 
unpredictable wake...

When will we not see so blindly that all 
terror be myopically ill, contaminating 
without self immunity, less we deal 
empathetically with our ignorance and 
hypocritical solutions for peace... 

With Love immortal, help enlighten a 
darkened awakening, invalidating prophesying 
fools, and predictions of Armageddon....

Louie Levy


*Dedicated to;
Dr Santosh Kumar, Editor
Cyberwit. net  India 
for his wise, literary teachings
of Love, and Peace on Earth

{Dear Louie,

Thanks for your kind words about the colored cover of TMR . I shall 
post your poem on website online, and it may also be included in our 
future publications. I'm really obliged and indebted to you for 
dedicating the poem to me. Your poems are full of unmistakable moral 
purpose and flawless style. It is time the world recognised your rich 
and attractive literary qualities. Cyberwit will definitely dedicate 
one of its publications to you. Your poem is now on web. To see please 
log on to
Santosh Kumar}

Critique and Prejudice*

Vulgarities, language irregularities
and censoring moralities
All become literary
targets for the evolving
of human  expression
Whereby, an infantile flora, from seed to bud
naturally matures with inherent birth rights
Critiquing of its beauty or poor appearance
while still at Bud, desecrates
all that it self embraces
Unforgiving, stifling creativity and that
which all are hopeful of, herewith
promises to self-flower to dignified maturity

louie levy
*Best we proudly self appraise then to
be invalidated by poor esteem

Shelley by The Sea Shore *

Has fantasized my phantom soul
Not much of her will she reveal
Nor; will this weathered spirit need surreal
Query, has curiosity intervened
be left that which fate see ever blind
We roam life's shores, for its sandy lures
In hopes of a wave, bathe our lonesome bore 
Evening awakens my sleep less hands
Their stroke upon letters that softy speak of -
Mermaids and Gods of ocean depths and spiritual sky
Dolphins, friendly Whales swim freely by
Horizons and moon lit waves reflect -
Impassioned wakes of their Omni presence peek
Raiment finned, with swiftness they swim
Of my own, disrobe without their need
Speed these arms, and ever their heart rule
At last, have stars wish these dreams be true
Jeweled shells, upon sanded carpet lay
where mortal steps discover, and giftedly embrace
O Mermaid, 
Thou hath lured me with thy beauty
and; will ever more, these dreams be 
on moonlit shores and magic keys
really real 

5:48 AM 6/2/2006

Dance with Heart

Sigh for a love song , 
Reach for partners ,
whom ever comes along
No matter the chatter 
Sing swing with sound
Smile unto eyes that 
blink back with style
Cloud upon sadness
shine brightly with charm
Embrace body harmony
feel deeply beyond
Love dancing's sublime
Where Heaven exists ....
Gasp be breaths
'On Your Cloud or Mine'


As A Rose

What would we call God
By what other name?

For many, the meaning's not the same

There seems to be a feeling for it all
A feeling only people see at all
No other could tell of heaven or hell

Just a cat, looks for a pat
The blind could see
with a hand for thee
If a cat you would be

Would the love you seek
Be Gods hand you'll see?

Who could deny this
feeling for us all.
Is it not everywhere?
God by any other name?
Only 'Love', would be the same

"As a rose by any other name"
would smell as sweet, so God be
called with much confusion.

Ones faith in feelings as a
fragrance of 'Love'
No one can confuse"

1989 ...louie levy

Morning, an Alerted, Mourned Evening

Another awakening, another adventure
another unpredictable circumstance encounter
Pause the moment, grasp realization, challenge -
My years are few as I breathe, while at this moment
there are but the nothingness of minds importance to
separate living and dying. Caring less, fearing fear of
other than the existence of my own survival, among
those who, in youth, face their own denial of mortality
These hands seem to map the countless movements
of my own existence. Paths that measure of no distance
Moments of joys are few to sight-see, no such fortune has
robotized my random course, due directions of
unpredictable, destines
Pause, breaths more assured, sneezing of allergies
that my cat Paloma, has released of its own methane bloats
Urinating her existence, deposits of digested fueling
and my own flushing method of un-littering this reclaimed
territory that bears not, the permanence of  possessive
Searching, thoughts fleeting, more rapidly now than
these bony fingers can transport language.
There, here,  what with fueling of no concern, nor traffic of
delay to have stressed this soulless unmoving electronic voyage.
Realization now copilots the steering along the blankness of 
this barren computerized idiot vacuumed notepad.
Imploding all that it devours of emotional sentiment
Love, that rules my heart, preaches within my lone spirit
Diseases that were overcome of their treachery
Elixirs prescribed, less dedicating medical entrepreneurs
Laboratories, filched with greedy profiteering, while victimized
guinea pigs confuse the placebo with side effected, terminal 
Pay to live, 
Expire impoverished
Back 'On the Road Again', pacing more assuredly of
the next moment to recollect and distribute .... rhetoric
Not daring to have wasted the universal heartbeat of
Times Omnipotence, and;  the Human need to consume
and war within its vast, universal reproductive immortality.
Bottom lining, never silvered nor embroidered
Spooned from delicate infancy to obese extinction
Such, have the befallen trees, seed for their own survival
Desperately and seemingly flawed have Human life evolved
Disgust of their waste, lay victims, of greed and contrivance
Civilization mentoring the forthcoming of more primitive societies. 
Technology culprits its venom upon the meek and helpless. 
Enriching their frail existence to self destruct and reluctantly
return to that which 'Dust' be ever recycling.
Love will prevail
Empathy sail, Ill tiding will -
storms ever weather.
Awaken, plan this day,
like no other, waste not ...
Contribute for Peace
Earths pleas
go Forsaken ....
Louie Levy


Skeleton Soldiers ....

Walk the night, we've no fright
Cast be winds, Ill from within
sorrow spent, where bombs burst
and; souls cry for none, repent
Oh, not we say, now see, late by 
early, dawns dreadful night, where
banners fly high, and bones rattle skies
Children at play, laughter, tearfully
their songs scream out, to an explosive halt
Assault, as all have fault, that 
salute to gods of self destruction, 
There be lands of th' free, and homeless braves 
Slaves of the militaries, and safe sat adversaries
Victim soldiers, we hear sight of your might
Left with remnants, wastefully spent
Pieced bones, spiritually joined, 
all walk the shadows of grave sights 
and head stoned sorrows
Sadly, this ww2 Vet, muse 
rest not, without peace
Mind of many, predisposed and leased
Earth erupts with liken'd vengeance
Warn of atom, phantom goals, 
fruitless trees, festering corpses,  
disease rampant, fields barren, 
families famine, lost of,
one anothers precious Love
Lands be not, of those selfishly free
Young Braves, spent to inhuman sacrifice
Take to the damned polls, cast votes without
straws, pluck splinters from thoughts and
empower, the devour of peace predator
hucksters, unrest, flesh torn,
soldiers and innocents
Solutions,  non for conquest,  be saluted
Universally there be need to weave of
a Brethren Banner, felt with hand at breast, 
Love be th' star spangled blue sky of 
peace-filled eyes
All O, can we see, ne're redden w'blood
embroidering world nations united of 
their own cultural threading
There be no lay to rest, for all in peace,
without that of Love, good will, be
birthed on restless Earth...
Louie Levy  
(c) 05.13.2005


I really feel honoured to get an opportunity to peruse "The State of the Onion" 
and "Wastelands". "The State of the Onion" is a remarkable poem devoted to 
Peace. The title of the poem is very shrewd and placidly humorous. The poem 
represents your love for Peace. The whole poem is steeped in humanism and it 
testifies to the moral earnestness of the poet. In "Wastelands" there is a clear 
evidence of the poet's quest for Love guiding "blue sky of peace-filled eyes". 
Both the poems are of a very high order, and reveal the poets fervour of 
conviction and faith. I shall certainly include these poems in Cyberwit future 

Santosh Kumar 

The Enemy of My Friends Enemy

A friend is trustworthy,  one of 
whom to love, confide and share
Quite hardly any 'One' or another,
to be of friendly enemy by recipe.
 War adversaries reason w' such 
lunatic metaphor. Especially, 
 since poetry, has other than...
A Bard to regard and trust with 
 cliche' nor a reader to gullibly
comply proverbial, poetic reply.
Enemies and Allies preclude predictably 
 with un-predictable motive
Deviated Peace,  perverted enemies who remorse
 Relenting of all to a war battled grave.
 Deciples of biological endocrine
Of cultural and religious  in-breeding
 Lay to unrest their erred victims 
Expulsion decreed  who trust in 'Will'
 Condoning  doctrines and Man to
evil prey upon his friends enemy?
  Enemies becoming friends
Nostalgically to ne're  forget the
 Warriors that lay coffined , Un resting of 
such ever hypocritical  political surrender 
and that of innocents'  trust.
There be 'Terms of Friendly Endearment'
 Attacking prey for security, joining 
the parade of rained terror  and 
murderous fire. Hopefully, all of sane humanity
be ever literally vigilant for Love immortal
and Peace free of all inherent,  prejudice
 The Enemy of Peace, clearly foes of other
than whom hold double sided firing weapons
Destined targets, unrequited
 of  evils  hellish prayer
Louie Levy
(c) 2/27/2006

Avian Flew with Human plague

Wings sprout
Creatures without
Swim, crawl to fly
Try and die
Immortal time
Birth to survive
Whatever deemed
whenever extreme to
exist will persist
D' termination
Spinning equations
Composing matter 
Existence left
To persistence
Out survive prey
Brute the fractional
Meekness prevail 
Complex of origin
Effect self demise
Earth Maternal 
Without admonition
Evolve bastardy 
Illiterate impropriety
Offspring th'  feeble brained 
Defiance of purpose 
Disrespectful of birth right
Another planet, wastes
The infernal directive of
creatures evil ordained
Insanity, be Earths
promised downfall 
of malignant humanity

(c) 4/15/2006

Prophets and Predictions

I've concluded that there may be to Voodoo and
fortune telling, as there are to scriptured predictions -
can lead to poverty and ignorance of belief 
and will result in self destruction.
It seems, after viewing the TV history channel
that; each and every prophet portrayed had their
perspiring quotes from their god, of the catastrophe
befallen sinners and violators of all fathered divinity.
All were described as 'Master' oriented and never
included themselves as to what will befallen to others
Such as, "The wrath of God will be upon ALL of you" ,
never saying, 'US' .  My guessing that they were all 
without sin, best they should have read about the 
'stone' throwing tale, or were they on a specially,
favored list being sinless messengers, and all ?
Here's how i scoop poop it from where it all started
in the streets and surrounding temples. Imagine 
if they had the radio, tv or the evils of the internet
to popup 'n gander and have you pissed about ? 
Prophets self appoint and preach loudly and with
great conviction, predictions that they say are from
'god' and because of 'Your' (never 'our'), disobedience,
this and that horror will burn your temples and 'KILL' you
on such and where, a time. 'IF'...you don't obey 'ME"
Revolutions of religious doctrines have existed since MAN
had written the scriptures believed to have been
divinely inspired. I believe that prophets were the intimidating 
activists' of their time. Cleverly subversive and 
saintly masked well for their self appointed religious role-play.
Think about when predictions came about ?
Hundreds and thousands of years in the past.
The plan predisposed and penetrating in the gullible minds
of preachers, god fearers and fascist, religious breeders,
Many, many years pass, the prophet now dead, his writing
indelibly written, the plan spelled out. His evil legacy will
get him medallion'd  by HIS god at the pearly gates turned
crimson red ....
The roll players, having rehearsed the 'wholly' edited script
prepares and attacks without mercy or respect for the innocent
and obedient. Enemies clash and war is inevitably as scriptured
for conquering. In the name of their lord. 

"We must make HIS predictions the horrific contemporary reality"
Less we cease to be driven to war and murder,
obeying scripts written during similar religious controversy
Man, beastly and aggressive, train, lead,  their male youth to war
and find justification for the murder of all innocents. 
Tomorrow's TV topic my be of the holy grail.
Would it have been half full of doomed sinners 
or half empty of yet to be, more predicted prophets?
Possibly an association can be
the 'Voting' ballot box and why it happens
that the destiny of all life, be in the hands of
a fractional minority. 
Best all youth and elderly, be aware; 
Prophet, profiteer, and activist
All are one and the same.
Mastered divine voice
Selling faith for attendance
Barding for heaven or go to hell
With that assuring 'close' for sale
The choice can never be,
never the answer, nor the solution 
for world Peace be yet concieved.
8:29 AM 12/13/2005

The State of the Onion

Tear jerked and peeled for preparation
The obvious effect addresses to be one of
pure culinary emulation.
Paging news sales for sopping gullible eyes, 
beholden of surprise and head line, shaking
Journalized to concieve for disaster and murder, 
denial'd empathy confront their readers
Applaud the decorated coffin'd martyrs 
Youth regimented marchers, star spangled hero'd corpses
Medal tributes failing to appease inpoverished familles 
Ignorance prevails where military often map
asinine directions that conquer for political ideals
Leaders masquerade, enpower  and command
the armed vigilant'd mob with visions of peace and death.
War makes fallible sense, as common sense, convinced
Motives debate with prejudicial teaching
Maestro clones, planted among the breed of wild, 
seed brewing invulnerable camaraderie of weed spores.
And; so the state, reaches for the proverbial onion,
peels, cuts through cores of patriotic shelling
Page print papered blots the fumed blind eye
Enemy, O enemy, where sought are thee, hell-bent sent
Are not your familles left at home with but likened
flags soiled with remnants of splattered body parts?
Missions that return gruesome retaliation, such, the
epitome of hypocrisy and inhuman, sacrificial wasting.
Such, seed all the Onion armies, unionized in a field that roots
of stanching corpses and hearts that hitherto beat joys of
love and tears for peace.
Where, how do we end it, for endings lack
within recurring circles
Historically, repeatedly,
mercilessly unrepealed
The core of its savory weeping, becoming the
inevitable effect for all inhuman tiding.
War, the political defeat for
Armageddon victories.
 Louie Levy

A Quaint Sentence of Commitment

Imagine, being alone, wishing
to have not been split and;
left with only half or that part of,
how you felt, swapped with another
needing, being?
Losing such precious flesh, leaves
no audible description to emit, of
self, insufferable pain.
Trials sequel remission
Age, tribulation to the point of
hope, fled, ne're to return ....
Bar hop'd to pop'd eye view,  
Deja Vu, think screwed, to outfox, 
the fox, the while, cocks crow
quaintly smooth, w' do-me eye-blink 
Heart struck and felt below the
belt of un-redemptive, temptation?
Loves prophesy forthcoming,
reprieves of oath promised
Commitment, emotions unfolding
Heart, sex, perplexed and sorrowfully, annexed
Love be where weeds share pride;
w' garden roses, nurture of Earths promise
Dandelions, casting countless seeds. 
Mother Natures tempestuous Omnipotence
Waste-not, of all life to exist and perpetuate.
Spiritually ponder thought;
'Be the impotent that
curse of life's cruel theft -
the unrequited potent, left thorny
and wilted, aromatically wasted -
Whereby, the weed, happily discarded -
left alone with its self 
appraised sentimentality 
'Tempt-less of fragrance, yet, 
immortally,  Earth enchanting'

Authors note;
A realization that marital divorce is not
the parting of another mates 'Being' , an ending, but 
the self felt Love of being left 'Whole' again without commitment.

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